Back to the Present

If you will excuse me I am going to have to revert back at some stage to the past months training and racing. By holding off updates until I catch up, I’m falling further behind, if that makes sense.

Training of late has seen an improvement. Time has become a limiting factor again as we are child minder less and that does curtail the available time to train. We have also moved house and been busy in the shop, so a number of mitigating factors.

My swimming is the discipline that has been on hold for the past couple of weeks. Its easy to jump on the bike or head out early for the run. The swim requires getting to the pool and all that jazz. Ideally a cycle to the pool followed by a swim and cycle back would be a good way to rebuild that ‘brick’ base to my training.

The past fortnight has seen me running the Boston Scientific 5k in Maree (separate post), the Remembering Aoibhe 5k in Renville (separate post) and generally upping my running again as I signed up for Dublin Marathon in October.

I will pick up the race reports and photos from Hell of the West and Lanesborough Triathlon races.

Soundtrack for an Overactive Imagination

For the first time in a while and possibly one of the last times I’ll get to run in Renville park as a daily route (we’re moving house) I got out and did and evening run.

My earphones funally bit the dust so I’m back to using the standard free ipod buds which are just too big for my ears and keep falling out. Off I went, out the door into the twilight with my ipod safely tucked away and my music keeping me company.

My normal route leads out along the road before jutting up sharply onto the Renville hill, out along the main road for a bit and then back to complete the loop. It is a planned 70 minute session of a Basic run so after a decent warmup it’s settling into a rhythm to clock up the km’s

On the way back I decided to cut through the woods, I’m starting to like the varying ground conditions and enjoy the reactive run where you have to shorten or lengthen the stride to adjust to the traily, muddy, twiggy ground. The odd little jump over a dog turd that threatens to trip you up, is good for your explosive responses too.

Darkness was falling as I came to the woods, and literally as the entrance came in sight the music in my head changed. Gone was the 101 Running Songs soundtrack and Slipknot started grinding guitars and pounding drums as the trees hung over the trails like Sarlacc teeth on the Great Pit of Carkoon.

It was eerily like the Blair Witch, good job I have no fear!

There I was rocking along to some heavy stuff and right there in the lull between sounds I heard it. A pounding of heavy steps right behind me. They kept with me stride for stride, getting heavier and heavier. 

I realised that one of my ear buds had fallen out which is why I hadn’t noticed this before.

I’m not going to look back like a big scaredy cat, up the pace a little, drop this person.

The steps stayed with me and then I realised it was the deadly heel strike following me. My form had dropped off and I was pounding the forest floor. Slow it down, point the belly forward and back on the forefoot.
AAH!! Much better, peace and quiet return. 

Until the next song.

Whoops!! I’m way behind

Everytime I think I’m getting caught up with this I find I’m even further behind. A bit like my racing lately.

Anyway I promise to be good and become really focused on bringing you upto date as soon as possible. I last left off somewhere around the time of the Kilkee ‘Hell of the West’ triathlon and probably a couple of training sessions both before and afterwards.

I also have a little story about strategic or tactical racing to tell you where I ‘improved’ my chances of an age group placing.

My return to running (training at least) an update on my change in shoes and a bit of a report on gadgets such as heart rate monitors and training computers.

Thanks for your patience!

Longest day = longest run ? (21st June)

Having done little or nothing on my run apart from the odd spurt of the 5k series it’s time to get back on the road.

I reckoned the longest day would be a good point to try and get the longest run (for a while) taken care of ahead of the Kilkee Hell of the West triathlon.

Despite recently changing my running shoes from the supportive Mizuno Inspire to the neutral Mizuno Rider I am still not ready to thrash the shiny new shoes. I decided to give my old Saucony Triumphs a bit of a beating. I have been switching around with my runners as a ‘feeling’ has been playing on my mind re my gait. More on this elsewhere.

On with the Triumphs and off I went.

Slow steady warm up all within the limits guided by my watch. This is the first outing in a planned program for running over 4 weeks. It should be a bit of an interval session but I’ll simply be happy to tick the box as complete.

I’ve got this little niggle in my left abdomen, like a strained muscle in my tummy / rib area. I said I’ll give it the warm up to stretch and ease out before doing anything remotely like running.

Unfortunately not to be. As soon as I hit the hill up from the harbour the extra load really hurt. That’s it, ease off and just ocmplete a loop.

By the top of the hill I knew I’d be walking back. Apart from the disappointment of this pull, I was worried now about Hell of the West. The swim and cycling don’t seem to bother me but the run ….

A disappointing result and this will be the longest day as I mull this over .

Training Result 21.06.2011 07:42