I stumbled on a Brick (11th August)

Its been a busy week and I want to finish my training strongly ahead of racing the Caroline Kearney memorial triathlon in Mullingar on Saturday.

Basic run on Monday essentially a run home from the shop 8.91km in 51minutes.
Loughrea Aquathon on Tuesday with a race report in an earlier blog post. 750 swim and 5k run.
Pool swim on Wednesday, with no HRM but full set gives 2.3km in 1:18.

Thursday I planned a medium spin with some hills in the Burren in the morning and an interval run in the evening from the shop again.


I didn’t count on our little boy being sick and definitely didn’t factor in tiredness and fatigue from the lack of sleep.

With the weather being a complete washout, the last desire would be to spend 2 hrs soaking wet on wet roads in wet rain in the Burren. I had a better idea. I’d blend my sessions into one biggish brick session.

A 10k lap from the house on the bike followed by a 10k lap of the run and repeat to give me a decent workout in approx 2:25 or there abouts.

Didn’t happen. I did the bike ok but my heart rate was sky high for the amount of effort going into the session. Back to the house and a quick transition to the run which was over very quickly. Despite breakfast, I had nothing to give and, yes, I quit. 

Enough was enough. Time to rest.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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