Zero-2-5k Week 1 Session 1

The Amphibian King Galway running group (#AKGrunning) in association with #Saucony got off to a great start on Saturday with 21 participants turning up to stretch their legs. 

After a briefing and distribution of Hi-Vis jackets it was time to get going. 

A brisk 5 minute walk, swinging the arms and stretching the legs allowed everyone a chance to raise the heart rate and limber up some muscles. It brought us from the shop to the coast road.

A 10 second countdown lead to the first of six run sessions. The goal is 60 seconds of good work followed by 90 seconds of recovery, repeating this for a total of 6 and then a warm down brisk walk should have everyone back at the starting point for a light stretch and pat on the back for a job welldone. 

Effort in the first run should be the same in the last and you should be giving yourself a little push, get out of your comfort zone. 

Everyone should repeat this session twice during the week being mindful of a rest day between the sessions and ideally two days before the next level on Saturday.

The Circuits Circus comes to Town (9th January)

The Circuits came to town last night and I decided it was time to make and effort and target those weak legs that were being drained of power last year.

One of my neighbours manages the Kingfisher Gym at NUIG and he had invited me a couple of times previously to join a group of them on Monday evenings to do some circuit training. In fairness, Barry is a fairly handy runner and I was a bit concerned about being a lot out of my depth, so kept putting it off.

He collared me at the Resolution Run, so I said, “Sure, thanks! I’ll see you Monday”.

That’s why at 8pm last night I cycled down to the meeting point (2.1k, all counts) with some trepidation. Very quickly put at ease as I recognised most of the guys, some serious runners well below 40min 10k and Pat (another neighbour) who is a triathlete too, and some other guys (I will get all the names right!) who were less sure of themselves than I was, so good company all round.

As one of the guys put, it the group was made up of men in shorts and serious men in tights. I was in tights.

Clarinbridge Celtic Cross

We started with a relaxed run to the village, round the square and into the green. It was quite funny as we, a group of 12 men, stood in a circle around the Celtic Cross, the full moon was shining through the trees behind us and it must have looked ‘quare’ to the lads smoking outside Jordan’s pub across the road as we did our salutations to the cross!

First Set:
4 x 10 pushups – steady to feel the pressure and recovery, breath through each.
3 x 10 triceps dips off the benches – legs straight and full stretch to get a deep lift.

Jogging back up the avenue to Kilcornan House, the serious guys (in tights!) ran around the back of the house to meet the group on the steps.

Second Set:
3 x 10 Burpee jumps (see video below)
20m Fireman lunges – deep long strides giving a stretch to the groin also.
20m side lunges / stepping over a low wall. Switch to other side at 10m.

Run back around the house (400m ) to meet at the front.

Third Set:
3 x 5 Left x 5 Right Single leg jumps onto the wall
10x both legs onto the wall. All controlled with a pause at top and bottom.
10x rapid steps, quick feet up the steps and fast back by the ramps.
Repeat steps to the other side, balance the stress on the hips.
Plank or bridge. I was good for 1min of the plank having done tons on Sunday.

That was the session done. Four of us decided to cool-down by running to the gate and back before calling it a night. I also has the spin home.

All told 4.2k cycling, 7k running 1000cal burnt and one sore pair of legs today!

5th Jan – Tuesdays run on Thursday

I was scheduled in my plan to do an easy run on Tuesday but it didn’t happen.You know what they say about, mice, men and plans.

Eventually Edel and I managed to team up and get out together on Thursday morning. Getting out together just doesn’t happen too often as it usually involves babysitters. It was just a basic run at an easy pace nothing too dramatic.

We did the first 7.5k as a steady loop and I dropped Edel off near home. I went on to do another 2k with the last kilometer being fast. I’m thinking it would do no harm to throw in the odd hard km as if it is the finish of a race. Get the body used to finishing hard when tired.

Training File

1st swim of the year. #pethate (4th January)

I managed to find a little time just before lunch so I pointed myself in the direction of the pool.
Knowing that there would be some ‘serious’ lunchtime swimmers I wanted to get in early to avoid any pressure. There was one guy in the fast lane who was obviously in the middle of a set and a chap breast-stroking the full width of the second lane, taking him time doing his says-aerobics or whatever he was at.
I sat in at the top of the lane, feet in the water gauging the tempo of the faster swimmer when the other lad finished up. Grand, I’ll slip in to the slow lane and have an easy session.
I was aiming to do a 1500m session with a mixture of technique drills and straight forward swimming just to break the duck and get back after 3 weeks off.
With yer man ploughing up and down the next chap joined my lane after 250m and proceeded to push off just in front of me.
A group then arrived in to the fast lane, obviously a regular crew of stronger swimmers, and they did their thing. 

Then aqua-man appeared.

This guy was fully kitted out; snorkel, fins and paddles. What does he do? Yep, bales into the easy lane and bates his way up and down weaving in and out between myself and this other chap. 

I had no plans to knock myself out staying ahead of him so I stuck to my guns and stayed steady for a while. He was with the other group and was pacing with them so should have been in their lane.
Eventually in frustration at his ignorance of common manners I got out. I wasn’t there to get stressed! I learned afterwards about the aqua-man moniker and his reputation for ignorance precedes him. Must be nice to be known for being like that …

All in I did 1100m some of which was quality, the rest was crap with no real rhythm. 

Note to self: laminate ‘Pool Etiquette’ in A3 and leave at head of lane.

2nd January Mountain Biking

I took the chance of available time to do a bit of MTBing this morning. I stuck a post on the tri club Facebook and rambled down for 10am to see if anyone had turned up.
I bumped into a group of 4 ready to go out and realised they must be from Connemara MTB club. After a quick name check we were off.
We started to the left of the avenue, an area I had never been in before. Nice easy loop, not as much rock as in other places and not too technical, a nice area to ‘warm-up’ in.
Popping out of the woods again we then crossed over to the main area of woods and covered most of the traditional tracks. I was fairly familiar with these as this is where I do my trail running.
The ground was wet and sloppy. Some deep sections of mud that literally got everywhere, axle deep in places.
All told we did just shy of 10k with some of the hilly parts and jumps included. It was a bit risky on account of the ground conditions so the ramps were considered with unexpected sensibility on my behalf. I surprised myself.
A good mornings exercise with a nice group of lads. Definitely up for doing more of that.  

Polar RCX5 Training & GPS File 

New Years Resolution

With a bit of effort I’m going to get this blog back on track. I haven’t posted much since the 70.3 in September despite training for and completing my first marathon in Dublin in October.

I plan to change this lack of reports.

Today was the start of 2012. No real goals set as yet, just an outline plan to do well in the National Series and maybe, just maybe go middle distance again. I would like to revisit the Galway Ironman 70.3 again in September but will wait a little while before making a decision on that.

Today was the Resolution Run 5k in Renmore. Last year Edel and I did this pushing the buggy with the two kids in it. Not to be this year.

At the last minute I decided to go with a plan of cycling over, run the race and cycle back. Should make a nice 2 hour workout!

I ran a nice 5k in windy and tough conditions on a hilly course of two loops. I was happy with my result of 00:23:38 and after a quick chat with a few people I bumped into (including race winner Matt Bidwell- hoping some magic would rub off) it was back home for lunch and some sofa time.

Good start to the year, now, just to keep it up. Happy New Year to you all!