Smokin’ Joe – Ride Fit

This past winter, out of necessity, I became good friends with my turbo trainer.

I’ve found it hard to get time firstly, to get out on the bike and second, the one day you have a chance it’s miserable and just not enjoyable out in the West of Ireland winter.

Searching around and asking pals advice there was a mixture of box sets, movies, Sufferfest, Spinervals, Carmichael Training videos and all sorts of things to do on the turbo to while away time. Initially I found it hard enough to simply motivate myself to get on the darn thing but with a little bit of focus and planning of training sessions it started to come together and I started to ‘enjoy’ a bike session.

Recently I made contact with a company about their training films.

Ride Fit

On first impressions they look good, plenty of information on how to push yourself, good guide on gearing, cadence, effort and turbo settings.

Have a look at the sample video here:


I’ve ordered Smokin’ Joe and the plan is to download the file and do a decent workout on Monday evening.

Stay tuned for updates. 



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