Heel to Toe, what?

There is so much talk about Heel to Toe drop / differential / ramp / profile of running shoes these days that it is confusing everyone.

At the end of the day whatever is comfortable for you is the most important aspect of H/T measurements. The footwear must suit your natural running gait and that’s what we are looking at here in +Amphibian King West.

I’ve blogged plenty before about #minimalism and you can find a lot of those articles through the labels at the bottom, just click on the word.

We’ll leave the good folk at +Saucony to give you the low down (so to speak) on what Heel to Toe is all about and how it impacts you as a runner.

Heel To Toe Offset Explained from Saucony on Vimeo.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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