Decision made

I was trying to be clever and call this blog Papillon.
Not after the book, though I am an avid reader and this was one of my first ‘grown up’ books to read. Instead I was using Papillon to identify a chrysalis like change that was about to happen. 
‘Papillon’ is gone, I didn’t bother looking at ‘Butterfly’ or other derivatives, ‘Irish Papillon’ ? m’eh.
‘Féileacán’? (Irish for butterfly) gone and in hibernation since 2006! Why aren’t old unused blogs and Twitter handles just blasted if unused for, say, 6 months?
However, ‘Féileacán Mór’, was available. Thus, this large butterfly has a blog title.
This is a separate blog from my work piece which is kinda of a mish-mash of training reports, events and work related musings. I want Papillon or Féileacán Mór to follow my transformation from triathlete to runner (for a season anyway). This will be my training log and race report area free from (most) commercial trappings 🙂
I’m not, not, being a triathlete, I’m putting it on hold for a while to see what I can be as a runner.
Going from the darkside to the light, as some might say, well, for 2014 anyway.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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