What’s the thinking behind this?

The reasoning behind my decision to run for a year (probably more as I develop goals) is simple. Work and family demands are putting time constraints on me and the amount of time available for training.

Originally I had planned 2014 to ‘go long’ (triathlete parlance for Ironman distance racing 3.8km swim, 180km bike & 42.2km run) but then we set about opening a second shop this summer in Limerick.

That was the end of that!

I would have been happy enough with my run, happy enough about my bike and the swim will do. But for my swim to become decent I need time to work at it. Time is not my friend in this instance and ‘happy enough’ doesn’t cut it for me..

Best use of my time is to become decent at my running.

It’s too early to say what goals are, but suffice to say 2014 will be all about me bettering me.

Where am I at now?

5km 20:46 July 2011
10km 42:xx Sometime in 2011 (I know, shocking I don’t know my times!!)
21.1km 1:35:05 2013
42.2km 4:08:35 Dublin Marathon 2011 (2012 was a disaster, read my other blog about it)

I want to be consistent about my running, embrace it more, enjoy it to its full and see where the times go.

I might break the 20min 5k tonight in Limerick, I might not.

The big race is #AmsterdamMarathon on October 20th. 03:14:5x is the goal & training has gone well for it so happy days.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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