Feet on the Street – Southill 5km (27th Sept 2013)

#Southill5k is the third in a series of races organised by Athletics Limerick at Rathkeale 4m, Analog 6k and Southill 5k.

I got to do the Analog 6k last week and clocked in a time of 25:33 which I was quite happy with as I’d only planned to jog over (4.6k) and back (4.7k!!) and observe the race, pass out flyers and be visible in the yellow & black.

As it turned out I messaged one of the T/D/M guys to see if he was up for a run, between the jigs and reels we ended up racing the event too (I was half minded to do it anyway but had a laugh as the realisation of the race dawned on him), so nice unexpected tempo session at the business end of a high volume week.

Anyway, that 25:33 put me in mind for a sub or close 20ish 5k last night.

Right up until I saw the route.

Leaving work it was only a short 1k trot around to the Southill area. Having to ask directions to the community centre from a couple of kids, to be greeted with “You’re the guy from the running shoe” served to remind me that I’m in their territory for a change & better behave myself 😀

Anyway down to the centre, met a few familiar faces, nice to be welcomed as part of the scene, I feel like a local already. Bit of chit chat, “I was in earlier”, “Any XC spikes” etc and like most times I’m like “how’s the form? feeling good?”, “you looked good on the road in Charleville” etc.

Very quickly called to the start line, little bit of briefing on the course: “out here, down there, round that, up here, over there, turn there, back here and in there” as always I’m happy enough there’ll always be someone in front of me, its the pointy ended boys that have to listen.

Sure enough, GO!! followed by scampering feet to the first left. Out there, cross the road, down the hill, around through the estate (we seemed to provide a break in the usual entertainment on the road) back out over the road and then up! Up was up at the 2k point (I’ll link the elevation in later) and I wanted to test the guy who’s heels I was on so I said, “you’re looking steady” to see his response, judge his breathing, see how deep he was in the hurt.

It took a few seconds but he was “what time you aiming for?”, I said “20ish”, him “21 and half” and then I dug in to the climb putting a couple of metres into his as we were joined by ‘Pat ya eejit’ as bystanders seemed to call him. This young lad seemed intent on wooing his audience as he ran in front of me cutting off my feet.

Only for the liklihood of a riot, he’d have got a clip in the ear.

Anyway he blew up after 30m and I pushed on. Over the top, always run over the top of a hill, around to the left and sharp right for a long downward into the wind. This is around the 2.5k – 3k mark and I start to see leaders coming back to me. As we got closer, it was not who I expected at all.

Slightly bemused I clicked off the next lad in front of me before hitting the turn back up what was a long drag with the wind behind (neutralised the effect) and backed myself to stretch out. Pushing on, I passed one more on this stretch before turning left and left again to complete the last of the hill at 4.2k by my watch.

Then came the down hill. Running downhill is not a strong point of mine but I’m getting there, so head up, arms loose, ‘fall’ down and high cadence.

Bit like the Midnight Oil song, “How do you feel now your Quads are burning?” hit the bottom and finish line fever lifts me ontot he toes and a last push. No idea what time is just that my pace was lifting through the second half and  over the line.

Very subdued finish area, and then I found out why.

Most of the front guys went wrong. A marshal was not in the right place, he didn’t realise that the race time changed from 7 to 6:45 so quite a few unhappy faces.

What it meant for me was the winning time was 20:10 and I finished 6th (4th O40) in 21:58. To put that in perspective for me the winner this week finished 2nd in the Analog 6k with 20:26. That’s how hilly the course was.

Take that, thankyou! 🙂

EDIT – to include link to +Polar training file here > Southill 5k

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