Week 20 – Half a week down

Its been a good but rough start to the week.

Looking back now, I’d a red flag on Monday after the stormer of a session on Sunday and should have been more aware of how the fatigue was building on the body. Here’s how I was shaping up for Monday – red flag indicating ‘Training is not recommended’

Wk19 – Training Load indicators

I went out Monday evening and felt great, had a solid session, got lost in it and did a bit more than expected. I’m feeling the rolled up effects of that good session and pretty poor sleep this week and its only Thursday šŸ˜¦

Planned –
60mins E pace running, throw in 5x20sec strides – 12k

Actual –
In hindsight I only ran 2k or so further and clipped along 40 sec per km faster than goal pace. I had my music on and felt good so was just rolling with the session nicely. HR was relatively low, I felt good, then.

Wk20 Monday – Summary

Planned –
10mins E pace, 5x30sec strides/30secs easy, 3x(3km T pace + 5secs with 1km E pace recovery) & 5min E warm down – 16k

Actual –
I seemed to struggle to get going in the first place. Normally I loosen up through the warmup and start to come to life around 3-4 km into a run. It just didn’t happen for me this evening.

Tpace is 4:20/km so targets were to have been 4:25/km for the ‘Work’ and ‘Recovery’ in the 5:23/km area. As can be seen all of the paces were off by too much. Not an overly hilly loop and it was 2.5 loops so the ‘Work’ phases shifted around a bit.

Wk20 Tuesday – Phases

I’m blaming my choice of footwear for this and will discuss this again. I had Zero recoil or lift in my feet and really had to work hard on each step. Left drained and sore after the session. Calves tight and all (very unusal for me)

Wk20 Tuesday – Summary

Planned –
45mins E pace running, throw in 5x20sec strides – 9k

Actual –
This ended up being a treadmill session. The boss was playing a water polo game at 10pm so after a visit to see a new S&C coach in Limerick I was home to settle our daughter and line up a session on the treadmill.

I think being straight forward tired is the root of the issue this week.

One foot in front of the other, get this done!! I wasn’t doing a step further than 45mins for this. Normally I’d be ticking off the full 9k, end of!

Wk20 Wednesday – Summary

Looking at my training load indicators:

Wk20 Training Load indicators

that fatigue is rolling up day on day. I’m not looking forward to my session tonight but I will get it done, click off the rest of the week and then it’s taper time!

Planned Week (so far) – 37k
Actual Week (so far) – 38.42k

Physically – lots of tiredness, restless sleep.
Mentally – lets just get it done!!

Literally as I write this my buddy messaged me: That run tonight is the last of the hard stuff”
Yeah, lets just get it done!!

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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