The Last BIG session

 Between getting home, putting the kids down and getting organised I was facing into a 9pm start time. I’d had dinner at lunchtime knowing I would be stuck for eating time so set myself up with a couple of gels and a bottle of Endure I went at it on the treadmill listening to a genius mix on the ipod.

The good news was my entry for #Amsterdam Marathon arrived

Planned –
10mins E pace, 75mins M pace, 5mins E pace to warm down – 19k

Actual –
With 10mins of warm up I was not looking forward to this. Again the head playing games – “Ah, you don’t really have to do this!”, “You’re cracked! Who else would be running at this hour?” etc

Time to SIU!

Kicking into gear at the start of the ‘Work’ phase I set myself a goal of a drink every 5mins so I would click down the time as the km clicked through. After 25mins I took the first +Agave #9 gel with some water and settled into my stride.

On the treadmill I focus on how I’m running. I don’t use mirrors, instead I try and sense what my feet are doing and where the majority of landing force is happening. It helps pass the time too!!

Sipping and swapping water for Endure every 5mins I took a second gel with 30mins to go.

Running into the last 10 mins of the ‘Work’, “Highway Star” came on, I love the rhythm of it, I was wiping sweat off my face  when all of a sudden a shout beside me caused me to jump like a scalded cat.

The Mrs was only saying “G’night!”, but I was zoned out of it, jumped, stumbled, grabbed the safety key, came to a grinding halt and she cracked herself laughing. That’s why the arse fell out of the data:

I suppose I could trip in a race? So, back on and winding the pace back up again I finished stronger to make up time.

Wk20 Thursday – Phases

Finished well, with all the work in the right places, cooled down and went for a dry off and something to eat.

My view for 1:30
Wk20 Thursday – Summary

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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