Dam Buster (Part 1)

I find the longer you leave off doing these #racereports the less likely they are to write themselves.

Heading for #AmsterdamMarathon last Friday I had a very positive feeling about how I was running, how training had gone, how prepared I was. As they say, the work is done, no need to cram now, jut get out there and do it.

I had a mental image of being just like the Lancaster bomber of the movie and becoming a Dambuster. Looking back now with a clear mind I can see the positives far outweigh the negatives I was feeling at the start of the week.

An early flight from Dublin to Amsterdam had us on the train and into Centraal Station before breakfast time on Saturday. Bar the events surrounding the ignoramus in the row in front of us insisting on flinging his seat back on Conor’s knees (despite realising he was sitting there) which lead to a very bumpy flight for one set of passengers and a very grumpy 6’4″ ex rower and powerhouse, it was a pleasant flight and arrival.

Finding the hotel was easy enough, 15 mins walk from the station had us admitted through a door and facing-

Gonna be fun on Monday!!
Dropping the bags at reception we had a cup of coffee and some breakfast before heading out to catch a tram down to the Olympic Stadium 
and on to the Sporthallen Zuid where we were greeted by big queues and a MONSTROUS pair of +Mizuno Running Rider 17 which are having their European launch in Amsterdam.

Into the hall, round to the right and through to efficient queues to collect your race number, pins and voucher for your T-shirt. Exiting the hall you can check your chip (in the number) making sure it is you and that it is working (very important if you are chasing a PB, the times have to be spot on!).

Up the ramp and into the main hall which was wedged!! We worked our way through and while I drooled and dribbled over all the running gear (most of which I can get at home!) Conor aimed for the T’shirt line. I was looking out for pacing bands and a pacer stand (as per #DublinMarathon) but there was none to be found – I didn’t realise it but this should have been an indication of things to come.

After wandering around the hall for a short while we bought up Mizuno Clogs. Special version of the Dutch clog (klompen) which would be given to the kids as slippers. A sure, a pair had to be got for ourselves and the wives too while we were at it 🙂

Bearing bags of klompen and flyers on races all over Europe (we figured out a marathon each month in 2014) we headed back to the hotel on the tram. Leaving in the ‘shopping’ we went back out to stroll around the area, picked up some water, egg cookies, stroopwafelen (right) and a few other bits and pieces suitable for snacking on this evening and to start us up in the morning.

Dinner was a couple of large properly baked pizza, cola and water and then it was time to head back, feet up and relax in front of the telly for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Flustering around a tight hotel room I laid out all my gear in readiness for the morning.

Packing a bag with recovery leggings and dry tops for afterwards; ensuring my nutrition was organised and laid into the pouch, pin the number on the vest, arm warmers, hat etc. I made sure my +Polar GPS pod was charged up and ready, glasses, buff, socks, shoes, laces (make sure not broken or frayed) HR strap, skin balm, Elivar Sport Recover sachets (for afterwards), Endure for during (all about #StaytheDistance), shorts, undershorts all ready and sorted.

Everything was there, ready for all systems go in the morning.

Now just to get a decent night’s sleep.

(to be continued)

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