Slow start back #training

No goals yet, other than just to maintain fitness, get stronger and hit 2014 leaner and in a better position than I was at the start of 2013.

Having said that part of it is doing weekly Strength & Conditioning classes with Limerick Sports & Fitness Clinic first class was on Wednesday evening. We also got to play with the +Polar Team app and H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Wednesday S&C
Class started with a bit of introduction by Paul, then onto the floor to do some ‘open the hips’ stretching. All dynamic stuff, inchworms, fire hydrant, squat jumps etc. Then onto the circuits which I was informed are ‘bilateral’ (whole new area of training for me) working both sides of the body in balance – barbell squats from a standing position, calf raises & reverse row (hanging off chains) 3 sets of 8, then deadlift (with a full tutorial on lifting technique), Romanian Dead lift and pull-ups (Yay!! :/ ). After this was some floor work, plank, side plank, Superman, alternating plank and just to wrap it all up 4 mins of pushups, tricep dips, burpees, and something else. HR drove through the roof with the burpees. I hate burpees!

Felt great afterwards.

Felt like I’d been hit by a car the next day!!


After a couple of runs where I really struggled to keep a controlled heartrate (I thought my strap was faulty until I ran with a double strap, one connected to my watch and the other to the Polar Beat App via H7 on the ipad, yes, I ran with an ipad, purely for scientific reasons of course) I realised my body was probably still in ‘shock’ after the marathon and any activity was causing an overreaction. As in, “you’re not doing this to me again!!”

With my ass killing me, my arms feeling like I was carrying a bag of spuds in each hand, I had to go for a run to try and loosen out.

Distance: 7.4k
Time: 40mins or so.
HR Avg: 146bpm

After a particularly stressful Thursday & Friday I did nothing on Friday and with Edel & the kids away for the night I wanted to go for a run after work. I ended up running in and out from Oranmore to collect a couple of movies. World War Z – grand; After Earth – pure sh1te.

Distance: 20.3k
Time: 1:44:15
HR Avg: 156bpm

Up early for my first spin in a few months with my buddy Conor. Haven’t been on a bike since the start of August so this would be entertaining!

Nice easy spin, good aul chat along quiet roads.

Distance: 45.2km
Time: 02:08:14
HR Avg: 126bpm

Plan for this week is to run x4 times, turbo x2 and do a S&C session.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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