25th November – Last Week in Review

An easy week of running last week. I’ve had a pain on the top of my right foot which is a new thing. Not sure if I tied laces too tight or what, but it’s uncomfortable, so sort of a semi rest week to see how it heals.

By Thursday I was fit to burst though & just had to get out.

So did one of my usual loops and back to meet Mrs. AKW for a second loop before heading to work. These loops through the woords are definitely one of my favourite places to run and they are always guaranteed to put me in good form.

Not much for the week.

Thursday – 12.3k (6.1+6.2)
Sunday – 16.2k AK Clarenbridge 10k run with warmup and cooldown
Total: 28.5k

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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