Going for a #running streak.

Its been a week of nothing.

No training, no running, no cycling. Nothing.

After running the AK Clarenbridge 10k last Sunday an irritating, annoying niggle started in my left foot. It feels very similar to the one I had in the right foot the week before.

Unususal as I rarely get niggles or soreness from running. Even with my volume greatly decreased in the past month or so there would be less chance of a niggle developing. Anyway been a busy week, tiring and with a lapse in my normal well behaved diet, I feel low in energy and have developed a bit of a headcold. So a week of rest.

New month starting this weekend so going to have a bash at being disciplined and running for 30 mins each day through December. Be sure to join in.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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