#Zero25k Running in 2014

We’re sure at this stage you are sick of hearing about resolutions, targets and goal setting for the New Year.

We’re going to make it a simple decision for you:


Over the past 2 years we’ve hosted a Zero-to-5k running group (#Zero25k) for absolute beginners who are just looking to get active, a little bit fitter and hopefully lose a couple of pounds while feeling good about themselves.

We designed our #Zero25k program to fulfill those wishes.

This year we are opening our program to our new store in Limerick so there will be two locations, Oranmore (as usual) and Roxborough, Limerick.

You just need to join us, do a little work, allow our mentors to cajole, motivate and encourage you to complete each session in the 9 week program and in no time at all you will be well on the road to a fitter you.

Like to know more? 

Well firstly it’s FREE, we don’t charge and will never charge for the program, you are doing all the hard work, we get to see loads of people learning to enjoy running, that’s rewarding enough!!

Secondly, we meet on Saturday mornings, early. Our first session is usually done and dusted by 8:45 so you can get on with your day. After that you will commit to doing 2 sessions during the week, we’ll give you your homework each Sunday ready for the week.

Our mentors will give you plenty of help, advice and guidance so you can achieve the most from the program. Please make use of us! Don’t be shy about questions.

Ready for more?

Just click the link here

#Runstreak Week 1 in Review

A week can seem like a long time.

 It doesn’t seem like a week since I was running in the dark with a dead headlamp
or indeed running around in circles like a hamster but as the week went on myself and Edel fell into a pattern of pushing each other to get out and complete the daily run task.

There were no records set. I’m definitely struggling with elevated HR and slow pace at the moment. I have been snuffling and coughing for the past fortnight or so, so there is a bit of seasonal adjustment and dietary adjustment going on. I’ve cut back on the junk and processed stuff now that the training mojo is coming back and a couple of those ill-gained kilograms have shifted again, so happy days.

#Day1 – 6.5k, PaceAvg 05:23/km
#Day2 – 5.3k, PaceAvg 05:40/km
#Day3 – 5.0k, PaceAvg 06:00/km (treadmill preset, hill interval)
#Day4 – 6.95k, PaceAvg 05:45/km
#Day5 – 6.11k, PaceAvg 05:01/km, HRAvg 146bpm (treadmill)
#Day6 – 6.95k, PaceAvg 05:20/km, HRAvg 148bpm
#Day7 – 12.13k, PaceAvg 05:38/km, HRAvg 142bpm 

Total for the week 55.76km

Now onto Week 2 and more of the same though I might stretch this week to a 45 minute minimum for myself.

#Runstreak #Day2 – Ever Decreasing Circles

Okay, so I promised yesterday not to give you a blow by blow account of the #runstreak so I
apologise up front for this update. I just had to tell you.

I knew that Day2 was going to be an awkward one. Edel is away with +adidas in the UK so I’m minding the fort. Home, kids, fed, watered, played with, cuddled and off to bed for a story. Looks like it’s me and the treadmill.

I spend the next 2 hours looking for the safety key. It’s not where I normally leave it (out of the kids reach) and the room looks suspiciously tidy. Has someone sabotaged my #runstreak?

A message to the boss and I get suggestions of a couple of places to search. However my searches are interupted by tears from a 4 yr old missing her mommy. So a couple of trips up and down the stairs cudding and reassuring a child has me at stupid o’clock contemplating options for a run.

I knew I couldn’t just bin the run and abandon the idea of a streak. I also knew if I completed this, today, there would be little to stop me in future.


With every curtain open downstairs (to easily spot any wayward children) I proceeded to run around the house. Outside. Laps around a house!

If the neighbours spotted me I’d be hauled away in a padded van!

Anyway 30 mins later #Day2 run done!!

Pretty please make #Day3 be uncomplicated.

#Runstreak #Day1 – Until the Lights Go Out

My Kilcornan training ground

Now I’m not going to bore you with #Day1, #Day2 etc for the next 31 days.

It’ll be a weekly summary at most, unless something worthwhile happens.

We’ve started a Runstreak for the month of December and invited everyone to join us for 30 mins (minimum) every day. Its a great way to get yourself in the habit of time-out everyday and does wonders for clearing your head of life’s stresses.

Out yesterday with the family to see Santa in Oranmore, the kids loved it too! It was getting dark when Edel headed out so I was persuading her to bring a light. It was only afterwards when I caught the kids playing shadow puppets that I realised she’d only the flashy red lamp which would be useless in the dark for running Kilcornan.

Cue loading the car to go find mum. She arrived back as we went out the gate, typical!

My turn.

Gear grabbed, light on and out the door I went. As I went down the avenue through Kilcornan ready to start the first loop back around my lamp suddenly dimmed. 

Oh dear! Of all the running I’d done through the evenings it had to be this evening that my batteries run out!! I’ll never live this down!!

That was the end of that, 18 mins down the avenue turn around and head right back where I started. No way was I chancing the woods with low batteries as I’d be stumbling around with a broken ankle in no time.

Home with my ‘wear a headlamp’ tail firmly between my legs for a brief 36min run.

Ah well, run 1 done, another one makes a #runstreak.