#Runstreak Week 1 in Review

A week can seem like a long time.

 It doesn’t seem like a week since I was running in the dark with a dead headlamp
or indeed running around in circles like a hamster but as the week went on myself and Edel fell into a pattern of pushing each other to get out and complete the daily run task.

There were no records set. I’m definitely struggling with elevated HR and slow pace at the moment. I have been snuffling and coughing for the past fortnight or so, so there is a bit of seasonal adjustment and dietary adjustment going on. I’ve cut back on the junk and processed stuff now that the training mojo is coming back and a couple of those ill-gained kilograms have shifted again, so happy days.

#Day1 – 6.5k, PaceAvg 05:23/km
#Day2 – 5.3k, PaceAvg 05:40/km
#Day3 – 5.0k, PaceAvg 06:00/km (treadmill preset, hill interval)
#Day4 – 6.95k, PaceAvg 05:45/km
#Day5 – 6.11k, PaceAvg 05:01/km, HRAvg 146bpm (treadmill)
#Day6 – 6.95k, PaceAvg 05:20/km, HRAvg 148bpm
#Day7 – 12.13k, PaceAvg 05:38/km, HRAvg 142bpm 

Total for the week 55.76km

Now onto Week 2 and more of the same though I might stretch this week to a 45 minute minimum for myself.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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