Treadmill Workouts & HR Training for #Zero25k


I’ve been asked several times about how best to translate the #Zero25k workouts into Treadmill Sessions.

It is on treadmill that the opportunity to truly tweak the session to suit the individual is possible.

Ultimately the goal is to have you running a 30minute 5k comfortably. This equates to faster than 6 mins per km running.

The simplest and best way to manage your fitness and speed is by listening to your body. The easiest and simplest way to do this is training by Heart Rate (or HR) using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to assess your effort and guide you to the work rate appropriate for you.

A rough guide for anyone starting out is using a simple formula to understand what zones you should be working in. A HR Zone is a particular effort where the body is utilising different metabolic systems to fuel the muscles that are doing the work.

As you can see by the slide the ‘Aerobic’ or ‘easy’ zone is predominantly a fat burning zone where body fat is the main fuel used. Working out at in this zone should be a comfortable pace, easy effort and as a guide you could have a conversation with someone running with you.

At the other end is the anaerobic zone where fuel is burned in the absence of oxygen. It is very inefficient for endurance running and is the primary workout zone for sprinting.

For the #Zero25k sessions you should be warming up and cooling down in Zone 2, work phases are Zone 4 and recovery is in Zone 3.

With most treadmills having some form of built in HRM you can easily gauge the paces and efforts that you should be working at.


Use the calculator in this link to figure out your personal zones. (Save a copy of it to your computer) Test your HR while running and note the paces of your first Zone 4 work. This is the pace to use for the remainder of the session. As you progress to the later stages of the workout your HR will be higher but don’t adjust the pace to make it easier! It’s only a short workout and the Tempo run will bring you big advances in your fitness.

'HRM Zones' - docs_google_com_spreadsheet_ccc_key=0ApibUSRUitQ8dG9kRHU4blN2RV9hYXROb1ppUmF2ZXc&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Using myself as an example.

Warmup for me is HR >132bpm (Beats Per Minute)

Work Phase – HR >156bpm but less than 162bpm

Recovery Phase – HR <156bpm but above 144bpm

Feel free to make a copy of the calculator for yourself and print it off to put beside your treadmill. If you note your paces now you will see that in a few weeks, your pace will be faster for the same HR. This proves that you are fitter AND faster! 🙂

Any questions, as always, just ask.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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