#Zero25k Week 4 – Turning the Corner


Around here, it’s starting to look  more like a weather forecast than a running blog!

What with every single one of the last 4 Saturdays featuring some form of a storm warning or other, it’s been a challenge for our #Zero25k runners to get out.

#StormRuth was the latest one headed our way and judging by the radar the weather people have run out of colours for this one!

Nevertheless, well done everyone, that was a good workout on Saturday morning, great progress

Running at pace is what it is all about.
By working just that little bit harder on the work phases you will see the improvements in your fitness and running take a big leap forward. Despite what you may think, this will get easier each session.

Your Week 4 session was:

  1. 5 minutes warm-up
  2. 3 minutes jogging
  3. 90 seconds recovery
  4. 5 minutes jogging
  5. 2.5minutes recovery
  6. 3 minutes jogging
  7. 90 seconds recovery
  8. 5 minutes jogging
  9. 5 minutes warm-down

Now, remember the ‘walking’ phase is gone, for good. Recovery is not ‘having a break’, catching up with chat or a walk. You should be running in the recovery phase too, just not as fast or with as much effort. At the end of this week you are into the middle third of the program and should be getting fitter and stronger.

Everyone is well capable of running continuously for 30 minutes now, it’s all about pacing yourself properly, and that is what we will be working on in the next block of training.

The weather is going to be against us this week, but this is not an excuse to dodge the sessions. No such thing as bad weather, just bad choice of clothing!

If you are stuck for time you can do the session on a treadmill:
1% incline
10kmph work pace
6kmph recovery pace

Homework, as always (for now), two more sessions of the full workout above and I will see you all on Saturday.

Happy running!

Sean & Edel

PS: keep an eye on the blog www.gottarun.ie/blog for more information on Heart Rate training and how to tailor your efforts to suit you.

PPS: I just realised some of you may not be getting the main shop newsletter so here’s the latest February News


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