Do you remember?….

Who put the ball in the English net?

Do you remember who stuck the ball in the English net?

We’d a lot of fun last October with the @BrooksrunningIE window dressing competition. Here’s a picture to jog your memory…

Ghost window

In case you missed the fun, it was an epic battle of fans and ultimately it came down to a ‘Like’-off between ourselves and ‘The Lincolnshire Runner‘ with it going right to the wire. You can read the report above.

A few people have asked about what we do with all the props used in these displays. Being very much a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ person, pretty much all of the window is stored for using again. The sharp eyed few will spot the perishables and wonder about those.

Well the answer is simple.

Pumpkin soup!!


Regarding the other thing question …

It was Stuttgart, 1988 and Ray Houghton was the hero then.



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