Rock and Road Kinvara

This Saturday has us welcoming Saucony to Galway for the 4th year on the trot.

2000x1200 Saucony AK banner


Back in 2011 the Rock and Road was my first standalone Half Marathon race and it remains one of my favourite race courses. I missed 2012 and was overjoyed to get to run it again in 2013 gaining a new PB for that distance. Again forces beyond my control conspire to exclude me from the sold out 2014 event but no doubt I’m destined to be odd and will run again in 2015. (Long term planning!!)

Wish you all the very best of luck running the 10k and Half Marathon in Kinvara on Saturday. Enjoy every minute of it, even when you are cursing yourself, it will be a day to remember.


One thought on “Rock and Road Kinvara

  1. This is a first for me around Kinvara. I have heard some good and bad reviews, about this course, well not bad, but inclines as we say 😦 I am out to get a pb here. I hope there is No Wall for me here. Travelling with friends 3 doing the half one doing the 10k. Well good luck to us all it’s going to be a great day out.


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