On yer bike!!

For a long time people have been asking me “why do you not do bikes?”

It would be ideal. We’d then become a one stop shop for all your triathlon needs. It would be very handy for our customers for sure.


Considering that we are the best at what we do (providing running and swim advice) customers look to us for advice about their bikes. Bicycles are an area of interest for us as triathletes & cyclists, however it is not an area of expertise for us. We want to find our customers to get the best advice all round, and the best advice we can give you about your bike is who to deal with those that we deal with.

To further cement this advice we are teaming up with the crew at MBW to bring you a well rounded “best of” triathlon experience.

I don’t think anyone knows bikes like these folks. Check out their website and just like with us, call into them for the best advice, you will not regret it!!


Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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