Are you looking for your first Orca triathlon wetsuit?

As stockists of the Orca range , the Orca S5 has just arrived into our Galway and Limerick stores ready for you to check out the perfect wetsuit for tri-beginners and improvers.Orca’s generation S-series wetsuit continues its evolution with the S5. While retaining many of the great features of the S4, the new S5 introduces a 5mm front panel from neck to mid-leg, increasing flexibility and buoyancy.Orca S5

The removal of a front seam ensures that it is the most flexible wetsuit to date in this range. Like its predecessor, the S5 promises hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability. 2014-orca-wetsuit-s5-fullsleeve-women-frontIts full neoprene coverage includes SCS coated 3-4mm Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene across the full front. 2mm Yamamoto 39-cell coated neoprene underarm and shoulder panels provides superb range of motion.

The back is made of 3mm Smooth Skin neoprene, offering buoyancy and thermal protection. Silicone-print Hydrostroke forearm catch panels increase power through the stroke, while Speed Transition calf panels make transitions a cinch.2014-orca-wetsuit-s5-fullsleeve-women-back

  • 2mm SCS Neoprene Arms & Shoulders – High stretch SCS coated upper torso and armsbecome-true-triathlete
  • Yamamoto Neoprene – Performance level durable Yamamoto neoprene provides excellent buoyancy, flexibility and thermal protection.
  • Speed Transition Calf Panels – Guaranteed easy removal of the wetsuit and faster transition times.2014-orca-wetsuit-s5-fullsleeve-men-back

Orca wetsuits are available in a wide range of sizes to suit everybody an we are on hand to help you select, size & we’ll show you how best to handle your wetsuit when fitting and removing to avoid unwanted pulls and tears.

If you are ready to know more we have a handy Appointment Maker on the website to help you get the most of one-on-one time with an advisor.
See you soon!!


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