You do #GaitAnalysis, do you do the insole thing?

Not sure why people are being conditioned to think that you have to have arch support in running shoes but it is a simple fact of life that there is an escalating trend of customers presenting themselves to me in +Amphibian King West – Galway either with or looking for arch support.




noun: arch; plural noun: arches


a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it.

synonyms: archway, vault, span, dome;


“a stone arch was built at the entrance”

In the instance of the foot arch it is a self supporting, flexible structure composed of tissue which supports the weight of the body and acts as part of the body’s shock absorption process.

Yes, there are some situations where due to injury or stress the foot needs a bit of support to during the recovery period and this is very often where orthotics come into their own. To be honest though 9 times out of 10 the customers I see do not need insoles or orthotics in their running shoes. They simply need help to select the correct shoe appropriate to their biomechanics, some tips on managing foot pain and to apply a little patience to the recovery process.

So the answer to the above question is “no, we do not stock insoles, but if you’d like to let me have a look we can help you decide if you actually need them.”

Have you any experience of insoles or orthotics you would like to share?

10 Tips to help your Preparation for 2015

Some reall y solid advice on getting the plan right for next season.

Time to put this into practice myself!!

The Athlete Clinic

1. Get the calendar out!

Have a look back at 2014 and pick out the races you completed and in particular the ones you enjoyed and though you might have won or done better in. Pick out a couple and set the first one as your minor goal for 2015. Then pick out your favourite as your major goal for 2015. Make sure the minor goal comes at least 8 week before your major goal. Now your planning for 2015. “Fail to Plan & Plan to Fail”

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 14.59.43

2. Set out your training

A periodised training prescription is generally 30 weeks from start to goal. Have a read up on this and get to know how to build one or contact us here through our contact form for coaching and advice. Build your program, set your start dates, note your minor goal and set your sights on your major goal.


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Adrenaline Junkie!!

It never usually happens but once in a while I get offered a limited range of shoes at special rates.

With the release of the new season GTS15 I have just been offered a delivery of Brooks Adrenaline GTS14 at 25% off. Naturally I want to reward all you loyal Brooks Adrenaline fans and pass this discount on to you.

So, for a very limited time and limited sizes I have Adrenaline GTS14 available at the special price of €99.00 down from RRP €135.00.


9270 & 92719270 & 9271

If you want them you need to be very quick. They will be here for this weekend 7th November and likely gone soon thereafter. If you are unable to get into me I can take reservations over the phone at 091-483238

Loving the craic with #LoveHate

I’ve been a fan of the show since the start but Mrs. AKW has only joined in with the drama this season (cue the box set being lined up for Christmas!)

As most of you know I enjoy Twitter and a few weeks ago I was challenged to tie in a few one liners with each show (during the breaks mind you) for a bit of fun, so here is what I’ve thrown out there:

I’ve been having good fun with this and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction last night to the headlamp one. Spur of the moment stuff and happily with I can access all my product photos when and where I need them.

Looking forward to seeing what the big finale brings next week. Hoepfully I will be as quick with the quips for that! 🙂