10 Tips to help your Preparation for 2015

Some reall y solid advice on getting the plan right for next season.

Time to put this into practice myself!!

The Athlete Clinic

1. Get the calendar out!

Have a look back at 2014 and pick out the races you completed and in particular the ones you enjoyed and though you might have won or done better in. Pick out a couple and set the first one as your minor goal for 2015. Then pick out your favourite as your major goal for 2015. Make sure the minor goal comes at least 8 week before your major goal. Now your planning for 2015. “Fail to Plan & Plan to Fail”

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 14.59.43

2. Set out your training

A periodised training prescription is generally 30 weeks from start to goal. Have a read up on this and get to know how to build one or contact us here through our contact form for coaching and advice. Build your program, set your start dates, note your minor goal and set your sights on your major goal.


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