Want to experience a #running Breakthru?

The first in a new range of shoes from Saucony has just arrived with me. Presenting the all new Saucony Breakthru:

I saw this shoe last year and was pretty excited at what it represents for the brand. At first glance the thought that stuck me was “where does this fit into the Saucony line up?”

Its got an 8mm drop – Pretty much all the Saucony technical shoes are rocking this lower ramp (Ride, Triumph, Guide, Omni etc.etc.) so nothing new there.

Powergrid – Check!! In fact the complete mid-sole unit could have come from the Saucony Ride, it is that similar.

With the Breakthru being marketed as an 8mm ‘Kinvara’ you might start to wonder what are they up-to??

However!! (There it is πŸ˜‰ )

The Kinvara is 4mm ramp and experience shows that many people who are using the Kinvara as a race shoe are struggling with the ramp for longer slower efforts.

For these people the Ride at 8mm seems to be the answer. But it is not. The feedback (from Kinvara runners) is the Ride is more cushioned and that they are losing something in the road-feel of the shoe. They are of course 100% correct in this assessment. The Ride is a more technical shoe designed for training. The Kinvara is a lightweight shoe more suitable to racing.

In the middle …. Breakthru!! πŸ˜€

High enough ramp for easy paced training runs and no strain on the lower limbs, light enough to be a tempo training shoe or for injecting pace intervals in a run, with a firmer feel* the Breakthru is giving the Kinvara lovers the responsiveness that they have been craving!!

Time to check out the Breakthru, I think.

*firmer feel – comes from the lower profile compared to the Ride. Basically the Breakthru is 4mm less cushioned and sits closer to the road than the Ride.

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