I’m going off on one…

I’ve had it up to here!!


What is it with telling people they have “flat media arches” and that they need ‘special’ insoles to correct their high / low / flat / wonky arches??

Another victim of scam selling in this morning in a relatively decent shoe but also convinced she ‘needed’ extra support and conned into a €50 pair of insoles.

For Christ’s sake, sell her the proper shoe in the first place!

Oh, no you won’t, that’s right because your margin in in the insoles. Grab people’s attention with “Buy 1 get one 50% Off” and con them with unnecessary insoles at a ridiculous mark-up to make up the shortfall.

And then you wonder why the examiners were circling?

For what it is worth I let this lady go with advice on improving basic running form, proprioception and leg strength to improve her chanced of becoming injury free.

You lost a customer, I gained a friend for life who will tell everyone about her experience today.

7 thoughts on “I’m going off on one…

  1. Spot on here Sean. I always tell people, if somebody in a sportswear store tries to sell you an insole, you need to take your flat feet somewhere else. I have insoles that I got from my Physio after it was agreed that some support might help me for my shin splints. My Physio is qualified to have this conversation with me and her motivation is to help me heal, not to increase the margin. The right shoe is what most people need and if you need an insole a sportswear shop is not the place to get it.


    1. Thanks for reading Shane.

      You’re dead right with your advice. The more people realise that you should only get orthotics or insoles from someone who is (professionally) trained in biomechanics the better. It is not worth risking messing with your biomechanics for temporary relief.


  2. I got shafted for €44 for that service. Then paid another hundred and something from runners. This was before I knew about your service.

    What they gave me was of no benefit at all. Didn’t feel any different.

    Came to you, walked up and down that track, offered a choice of runners rather than being told which ones I just had to have, haven’t suffered with foot problems since. And your service was free!

    Anytime any of our runners says “Oh [insert store name here] do that foot thing! I’m going there!” I tell them to avoid it like the plague!


    1. Thanks Rob!

      Hope all is going well and we’ll have a new batch of runners heading over to Knocknacarra for the Saturday Parkruns shortly 🙂


    1. Thanks for commenting Patricia.

      Unfortunately far too many people are getting caught out like this. It is a position of trust and it is being abused when people go looking for advice on footwear to be told that the ‘need’ this sort of intervention even before the footwear is considered.


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