Q&A with #RSP – New to #running? What gear to get..

This question often arises for newbies and they wonder what gear to wear when running. For men in particular there is a perception that running in tights is not for ‘real men’ and unless it is dark out or below Zero you should wear shorts..

As someone starting out running for the first time, what would you advise newbies to wear. I hate the idea of wearing a pair of tights.

With many people selecting gear in store you hear all the stories and views. To be honest my thoughts on gear is more about function than fashion and maybe its the stage of life I’m at that I’m not bothered anymore but

My thoughts-

Wear whatever you are comfortable with.

To hell with public opinion!! Well, do wear shorts at least!

I find legging (I don’t call them tights it makes men uncomfortable) incredibly comfortable, I wear a base layer underneath for warmth and support and use them all the time. If you are self conscious shorts over top are fine.

For most people starting out a decent pair of shorts, socks, tops and jacket are all that is needed. I actually advice people to run in whatever shoes they have for 4/5 weeks (unless injured) to ensure the habit is sticking rather than motivating themselves through expense.

This last bit is true. Unless you are being injured when you run and by injury I don’t mean the muscle pain you expect with sudden increased activity, I mean a lingering issue that doesn’t feel right, you should be able to knock out the first few weeks of your #Zero25k or C25k program without too much issue.

Once running has become a habit then yes by all means reward yourself with a visit to the store for video analysis and correct fitting of your running footwear but definitely for the first few weeks it is more about getting out and about.


If you want to find out more about our fitting service or to book an appointment be sure to send me a message through the form below.

Thanks for reading.


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