What’s a Leo to do with a pair of Gemini?


A few weeks back a box arrived.

Opening that box led to another box.

Inside that box were a set of twins waiting for me….


Now I have never worn UA shoes before or ‘Kicks’ as the cool kids call them. You know me at this stage, I run in my set shoes and rarely fluctuate from them unless I’m hitting the trails or racing.

That was until I met the twins.

I knew nothing about them. Bar the teasing videos that some ‘helpful’ friend kept posting on Facebook 😉 eventually though, enough is enough and I told him to “sh1t or get off the pot” and here we are with a nice box of UA goodies!! 😀

Behind all the really, really nice advertising and marketing stuff that UA are doing they have, I have to be fair, produced a really, really nice pair of shoes in the Gemini. The fit is like a glove generous fitting in all the right places yet snug where it matters, they are cushioned yet responsive, there are no seams or sock liners to slide on or against.

A really, REALLY, good pair of shoes that I enjoy wearing.

Regarding running – well, they do that too! And they do that well. Yes, they are a neutral shoe and I don’t do a whole lot of my running in neutrals ( I need just a touch of support) but the treadmill test run I did, they felt so good, I forgot I was wearing the Gemini and thought they were my own.

Can’t get much better that that!!

Oh and here’s the teaser that I kept seeing:

Thanks for reading and I have a funny feeling you might be seeing more UA posts from me over the next while.

Are you interested in going Polar?

How would you like to try out the Polar M400 before making a purchasing decision?

M400 Banner

This is the GPS watch that Sean confidently recommends as the Nr.1 running (& entry to multi-sport) watches available today:

“compare the functions, features and costs the Polar M400 is the watch that you will choose over any other brand on the market at the moment.”

We are the lucky enough to have managed to get our hands on a ‘Test unit’ of the Polar M400 for our customers.

If you are remotely interested or curious about trying a GPS watch, or would simply like to take one for a run please let us know and we will do our best to facilitate everyone.

We can loan the watch for up to 72 hours which should give you plenty of time to test it out on a run or two, or a cycle, or a gym workout….whatever takes your fancy!! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out the watch everybody is talking about please send us an email through the Feedback form  to reserve your test unit and we can take things from there.

Q&A with #RSP – What #running watch to go for?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit of a gadget freak!! I love training data, I don’t always use it to its full extent, but love having it.

There are so many different ways of tracking your training these days between phone apps, watches and old school methods the choice is often confusing.

What are the main differences between the running watches brands – I always see Garmins everywhere, what separates them from the rest and at what stage of running should a runner need to equip themselves with one.

So to try and clear up a common belief (similar to ‘Which shoe is the best?’) about watches:

My thoughts –

*Remain impartial Sean!!*

‘Garmin’ is synominous with running watches in the same way that ‘Hoover’ is to vacuum cleaning.

Garmin developed GPS tracking systems and brought them to the hands and arms of people for a multitude of purposes (sailing, trekking etc) as a result most people looking for a Garmin are in fact looking for a GPS tracker to track their distance and paces.

Not to get into it too much but measuring improvement by distance and pace is not the way to develop as a runner. The true measure is via comparative Heart Rate readings or Perceived Effort at a particular pace or distance field test.

Pretty much all the main brands Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Timex, TomTom etc all use GPS to plot your track – distance, mapping etc and most offer Heart Rate as an option. Polar developed HR in the same way Garmin did GPS and my bias is that I have used Polar from the start (hence why I’m know as PolarBoy).

Re when to start? When I started, I started training immediately with HR tracking. I used MapMyRun for planning routes and simply used a Polar RS200 to measure time and HR. A pen and paper kept track of the information (Facebook wasn’t around in those days!!)

Now while I am PolarBoy and currently use the V800 as my training watch (I always wore my Polar as a timekeeper too) despite how it looks I can not allow my personal feelings to bias my recommendation as to the best value GPS training watch on the market at the moment.

As a customer once we establish that you are looking for a GPS tracking watch when we compare the functions, features and costs the Polar M400 is the watch that you will choose over any other brand on the market at the moment.


With the activity monitor, Flow website, training dairy and customisable training targets, I have yet to see anyone disappointed with this choice!