What’s a Leo to do with a pair of Gemini?


A few weeks back a box arrived.

Opening that box led to another box.

Inside that box were a set of twins waiting for me….


Now I have never worn UA shoes before or ‘Kicks’ as the cool kids call them. You know me at this stage, I run in my set shoes and rarely fluctuate from them unless I’m hitting the trails or racing.

That was until I met the twins.

I knew nothing about them. Bar the teasing videos that some ‘helpful’ friend kept posting on Facebook 😉 eventually though, enough is enough and I told him to “sh1t or get off the pot” and here we are with a nice box of UA goodies!! 😀

Behind all the really, really nice advertising and marketing stuff that UA are doing they have, I have to be fair, produced a really, really nice pair of shoes in the Gemini. The fit is like a glove generous fitting in all the right places yet snug where it matters, they are cushioned yet responsive, there are no seams or sock liners to slide on or against.

A really, REALLY, good pair of shoes that I enjoy wearing.

Regarding running – well, they do that too! And they do that well. Yes, they are a neutral shoe and I don’t do a whole lot of my running in neutrals ( I need just a touch of support) but the treadmill test run I did, they felt so good, I forgot I was wearing the Gemini and thought they were my own.

Can’t get much better that that!!

Oh and here’s the teaser that I kept seeing:

Thanks for reading and I have a funny feeling you might be seeing more UA posts from me over the next while.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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