End of Season Clearout of PUMA #Running shoes


We are having a little clear out of some of our shoes. Available sizes are as listed below and once they are gone, they are gone.

Nothing wrong with these, just lonely left behinds that need to find a new home so we can dust down the shelves!

All are reduced to clear and while we do not offer any gait analysis or fitting service with clearance footwear you can rest assured that any of these will be perfect as a back up pair of shoes for workout classes as a minimum.

PUMA Faas 300*

Reduced from €85.00 to just €30.00 the women’s PUMA Faas 300 – Your heel-to-toe transition needs more. And by more, we mean less. The Puma Faas 300 trainer is a lightweight, fast pace companion, built for runners who defy convention and speed on a daily basis both on the tracks and the street. Designed by Puma with a less is more design philosophy in mind, the super lightweight Faas 300 have no extra materials, heel counter or fancy gadgets to weigh them down – it’s all about the competitiveness of running and the desire to be faster!

Available sizes:

x1 UK 4 GONE!

x1 UK 4.5

x1 UK 5  GONE!

x3 UK 6.5

x1 UK 7

x1 UK 8.5 GONE!!

x1 UK 9

PUMA Faas 600*

Reduced from €95.00 to just €40.00 the PUMA Faas 600 is  built for the everyday runner who is looking for a lightweight cushioning shoe. This women’s specific upper consists of a foam mesh pattern that allows for a wider forefoot fit and flexibility and includes a bunion zone; along with the extra memory foam in the heel, it’s built to form around a female foot.

Available Sizes:

x3  x2 UK 6.5 1 GONE!!

x1 UK 7

x1 UK 8

Also available in a 600S model with moderate stability we have available:

x1 UK5.5  GONE!

x2 UK 7

x1 UK 8

x1 UK 9

And let’s not forget the boys!!

PUMA Faas 300 for men. This is the rather cool funky colour of the pair!

Reduced from €85.00 to just €30.00 the Faas 300 for men makes for a striking contrast with the unique colouring you are sure to keep people on their toes!

x1 UK 8 GONE!!

x2 UK 9

x1 UK 9.5

x1 UK 10 GONE!!

x2 UK 11.5

Men’s PUMA Faas 600

Reduced from €95.00 to just €40.00 the PUMA Faas 600 is slightly more sedate in it’s colouring than its’ little brother the Faas 300

1 x UK 9.5

1x UK 10

1x UK 10.5 GONE!!

And just one supportive Faas 600S available in a UK 11 GONE!!

While you can collect in store, shipping is additional to the cost price. There is no return for exchange or refund on clearance items. Your rights in the instance of warranty are, of course, unaffected.

If you fancy a pair you will need to be quick as at these prices the shelves will be empty very quickly!!

Best way to see the live listing is here and you can Order & Ship or opt to Click & Collect in store.

*colours are indicative and available styles may vary.


#Running to work, working to run!!

Sound like something you would enjoy?

Good, we are looking to speak with you.

Join our team

We have a part-time vacancy in Oranmore for a Shoe Technician. Among other tasks, the role will involve:

1) Conducting Gait Analysis to help us find the correct running shoe for the customer.
2) Many of our Customers are repeat customers so building a rapport and knowledge of the customers is important.
3) Assisting with stock management.
4) Work at events through the season.

You will be expected to –

  • Greet and engage customers who enter the shop
  • Conduct and deliver the full Amphibian King gait analysis service
  • Ability to assess results of gait analysis
  • Assist customers in helping them find the correct running products
  • Give advice and guidance on product selection to customers
  • Involvement in stock control and stock management
  • Sales processing cash and card payments
  • Stock store shelves and hangers with merchandise and point of sale material
  • Merchandising – ensuring all products are labelled correctly etc, clean and neat
  • Answer queries from customers, face to face and via phone
  • Report discrepancies and customer issues to the store manager
  • Balancing cash register with receipt and process end of day reports
  • Maintaining the general upkeep of store e.g. tidy and clean, hoovering etc
  • Work within established guidelines, particularly consistency with the gait analysis service that Amphibian King offers to all customers
  • Receipt and stock control and management of all deliveries received, e.g. checking all packing slips to ensure that all items ordered have been received
  • The Ideal Candidate will be a runner or triathlete themselves.
  • Will possibly have covered Gait Analysis in College as part of a course.
  • May have experience already within the industry.

The nature of this role may suit a Personal Trainer who is looking for extra set hours a week or for students of podiatry or physical therapy on block release from college. Good running knowledge and experience in participating in events is essential.  Experience or a background in Gait Analysis, physiotherapy or personal fitness would be an advantage.

If you are interested please send your CV to: recruiting@amphibiankingwest.com

If you know someone you think might be suited please do share this post with them.

Thank you.

Edel & Sean

Feed on the Street – How do you fuel your training & racing?

Quite a common topic for discussion is how and when to fuel when training. I regularly get asked for advice from runners especially on fuelling half marathon or marathon distance races and a the risk of being non-committal “it all depends on you, your training, your goals & your body” is the regular answer.

Look nutrition and metabolism, is a complex area and almost all of it depends on you and your training. In that I am not mistaken.

There is so much chatter (and I’m adding to it) about nutrition do’s and don’ts that it is ridiculously confusing.

It shouldn’t be and is quite simple really.

Without going into a whole complex area (and tripping myself up over technicalities!) about which many, many books have been written the best example is for me to impart the advice I have learned myself and from others experiences.

I hear gels make you sick / run through you…

This line is often coming from someone who is ‘ready’ to try their first gels but has received advice from someone who has had a bad experience with gels because of…well.. bad advice they in turn have been given.

If you leave it too late to take a gel the likelihood is you will throw it up. At high intensities blood is pushed or ‘shunted’ from non-essential body functions (like digestion) to the working muscles to maintain as much oxygenated blood flow as possible. Basically the digestive system goes into standby (why most people don’t feel like eating after a workout) and the gel sits in your tummy.

Ingest too many, as you feel your body running out of fuel you panic and throw more gels into yourself and you are going to be looking for a bush as the body voids itself.

Simple rule is timing – more shortly.

How many do I need to take?

Whether it is 1 or 20 depends on you.

Here’s my thoughts….

Generally the average person of average training is reckoned to be capable of storing enough easily accessible fuel for roughly 2-2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise. After that your blood sugar and intramuscular glycogen are depleted and you start to ‘bonk’. It is now likely too late to take gels and you end up in ‘limp home’ mode.

If this is you, you need to be taking extra fuel on board earlier rather than later.

Think of it as setting out on a car journey of 500miles with a fuel tank range of 100miles. You can drive 400miles and take a chance that there is a garage but possibly end up having to walk for 100miles as you have drained the fuel tank and the lines need bleeding; or, you can top up your tank at 50miles, 100miles and 200miles ensuring you have enough fuel for the journey with reserve.

There are people like Barry Murray who writes extensively about sports nutrition and to be honest his self experimentation is well worth reading. It is anedotal but based in reality and I would personally follow as many of his concepts as possible while also tailoring to suit my own needs. As he says himself (re)-adapting the body to being an efficient fat burning machine can take years of adjustment and tinkering with diet to find what works for each individual.

1kg of body fat contains approx 7,500-7,700 kcal of (clean) usable energy which is roughly twice as much energy pound for pound with carbohydrate. So if you adapted to fat burning (or sourcing energy from body fat) you could technically fuel a double marathon with 1kg of body fat!!

However it is tricky dialling back training to build ’empty’ miles and tinker with diet to find what suits you best so most people stick with their normal (slightly healthier than norm) diet and depend on ‘artificial’ fuel in the form of bars, gels and jellies to get them through their training.

What I tend to do is a balance. I do plenty of long easy distance running and biking with little or no fuelling or with fluids. (I started this process a while back) A recent 8.5 hour bike spin saw me consume less than 1100kcal and 1.5 ltr of fluid at low intensity over 185km. I find the best for me is low GI gels (Agave #9) and protein based solids where possible so blood sugars are not spikes leading to a crash.

When racing I might use a light sports drink like Tailwind beforehand and fuel with Agave #9. I used x3 gels in the half at Connemarathon.


Key is, in my opinion, to get that extra fuel in earlier that you think you need it in order to have it when you require it. You also need to experiment to find out which works best for you and do plenty of reading about the techniques that Barry advocates.

A simple way to think of it is that you are not fuelling for the workout or race that you are doing per se but more to consider that you are fuelling now for how you want to workout tomorrow.

If you have any stories or experiences you can share please do and also let me know how you get on with any diet changes.


Fancy some social #running in Oranmore?

We’ve had a very successful running group based in Oranmore for the past few years organising a #Zero25k group bringing people from complete beginnings to running 5k and beyond.

This group usually meets early in the year on Saturday mornings for a 1 hour session over 9 weeks and that is that.

However despite a plethora of running clubs surrounding us here in Oranmore there are still a lot of people commenting that there is a need for a social running group in Oranmore. I hasten to add that despite the fact that there are exceptional Fit4Life groups nearby in Athenry AC, Craughwell AC, Galway City Harriers and Maree AC people are looking for a group in Oranmore.

The general comment is that, similar to my post the other day on the rise of the Social Runner it is not a club people want but a casual group that meets once or twice per week and at the weekend for a longer run and one that would probably facilitate complete beginners on a #Zero25k type program.

Now I already do a #TrailTuesday run in the Autumn and winter and this will likely continue in some format over the Spring & Summer quite casually (refer you to http://www.chillr.org for details) but this SORE* opportunity is a different thing altogether.

To gauge the interest level I have a mini-poll, you might share this as wide as possible so as many friends of yours in the area get a chance to reply.

It is quite likely, IF this idea is a runner (sorry!) that there will be a call for a show of hands to help organise and lead out runs, so don’t be shy about volunteering someone. At the very least we will be able to set up a meeting point and drop spot at the shop for gear and a drinks station for afterwards.

Have your say, post a comment below. I would also appreciate comments from any of the club members as to what their thoughts are too.


*SORE = Social Oranmore Running Experiment 😀 😀

Don’t be getting hot & bothered, stay cool with layers

Conventional wisdom tells you that the trick to staying warm when running in cold weather is to wear layers.

Did you know that that self same wisdom also applies to when you want to stay cool running in the heat?

Crazy huh?! 🙂

It is actually quite simple when you think about it but an appropriate Base Layer garment worn on it’s own or under everyday running or training apparel can add to the overall comfort when the going gets hot.

Using Warm weather Base Layers (not thermal ones they’re for Cold weather!) which are fabricated using man made cool effect fabrics or inter-woven with other natural fibres, allow the rapid absorption of moisture that is then “spread out” across the fabric surface where it then evaporates quickly creating a cooling effect and added comfort.


A ‘cooler’ colour will also help reflect heat.

Now these base layers are fine for Ireland where the temperatures are not so extreme. If you are travelling to train in the sun (or cross a desert) then it is worth investigating some of the more purpose-built freezer type fabrics which coupled with high SPF will enable you to run miles and miles in the high heat and sun.

These fabrics are also available in sock format too so your feet stay as cool as the rest of you.

1000mile Breeze 2014WL


Stay cool!! 🙂


The rise of the Social Runner – The new faces of #running today as seen in a #selfie near you…

‘Following the posting today of an article by Sky News: “Running Races Ahead as Team Sports Lag Behind” it reminded me of my own piece written last year after the Irish Sports Council released their report on activity levels in Ireland.

I have followed up with some updated thoughts of my own at the bottom:

The Irish Sports Council have just published figures for activity in Ireland:

I have asked them if this is across all age groups or just a defined adult portion of the population.

Obviously working in a #running store like +Amphibian King West – Galway I’m delighted to see Swimming and especially running up top as they are, but these figures also represent a massive swing in the Irish population to looking after themselves.

There is a certain attraction to ‘solo’ sports such as swimming and running. Naturally there is a social aspect to all sporting activity, club events for sure, but there is also a huge beneift to the individual.

Have you ever felt the solitude and peace of tapping out lap after lap of a swimming pool? The rhythm allows you to go to auto-pilot and the submersion clears the head.

The feeling of you, just you and the road when running is fantastic. Watching a sunrise through a misty forest is a spectacular, life affirming event.

After so many years of depression, doom and gloom through the recession, I for one am delighted to see so many people taking care of themselves.


View through the Shop Window  Swimming   Running   most popular sports in Ireland

The stats may not show clearly in the image copied from the Irish Sports Monitor 2103 Annual Report but Running has grown rapidly as the most popular individual activity with the growth in female participation outstripping that of male participants.

Interesting to see at the start of the recession in 2008 & 2009 the number of participants remained static at 2.8% and experienced rapid growth in 2011 and 2013:

The increase in running is particularly interesting. It was the fifth most popular form of sporting activity in 2009 when its participation levels were half those for swimming or soccer and significantly behind those for golf. Since then it has become the third most popular form of activity, ahead of soccer and golf and with a much narrower gap to the most popular activities of personal exercise and swimming.

Another stand out stat from the #ISM2013 report is the level of participation in sport in Connaught. Nationally ‘Running’ represents 8.5% of overall activity, in Connaught it is 10.2%. The highest percentage of the population that is running lives in the West.

In addition to having higher levels of sporting participation at overall and individual sport levels, those living in Connacht are also more active across multiple sports. Figure 4.7 below indicates the proportion playing in more than one type of sport, with 21.3% of those living in Connacht indicating that they were involved in two or more sports within the past week. This compares to 18.6% of the population at a national level.

Sure no wonder they say “West is Best!!” 🙂

Personally, am I disappointed to see the low figures in GAA? 

Not really. It’s a choice of team sports that I played as a youth and young man but never excelled at. There was rarely thinking time, we went through training like machines played for each other in matches. In one way it is very selfless (you play for your team-mates) and of course team building, working with others etc in a life-resource kind of way.

I think it is an indicator of the times we live in where the idea of just popping on a pair of runners and heading out for an hour is so convenient and such an easy way to ‘clear your head’ after a stressful day at work, minding kids, college, stuck in the house etc. 

Whatever your situation, your outlook can always be improved by a run!

For me exercise in general is about health, about your health and the only way to look after yourself is to look after number 1.

Take care of yourself & go for a run!! 

Reading the Sky News article one of the bits that really stands out is a throw away comment almost written as an afterthought at the end, where in I believe the crux of the growth is happening.

“The rise of social media has helped… Now, you still do the runs on your own, but you can share them online and tell people about your latest run and events you’re training for.”

You only have to take a look across any section of the Social Media platforms to get an idea of this. Everybody is running! Everybody is posting pictures of their runs, selfies of themselves in action (me too, just not in races – game face 😉 ) photos of their watches, times for distances and so on.

To old school runners this modern system of ‘bragging’ is just not… er… running. Instead it seems like this new generation of runner is not serious about what they are doing, they are only running for the social verification. They run only as a means to be validated by others.

But, do you know what? This is perfectly fine.

There is plenty of room for all.

If you are a competitive runner who has worked hard to achieve your goals, who has trained endless hours, who diligently follows a plan and refers to a coach (or is self coached) why do you care what anyone else does?

Whether people like it or not this massive growth in the ‘social’ runner, the runner who runs for pleasure, who runs to complete, who uses a selfie stick and posts pictures of their Garmin (they’re almost all Garmin wearers 😉 ) who is motivated by sharing with others is sticking.

These are the runners of today and tomorrow and the next day. The old school runners will remain, the growth is in a different area. And surprisingly enough in a few years I would expect to see that this new generation of runner will lead to social demand for local facilities, you only have to look at the explosion of Parkruns to see the demand in the locality. Changing rooms, marked trails, running tracks all of these things will follow thanks to the growth in social runners.

Oh and just to wrap up here’s a selfie from today 😉