Fancy some social #running in Oranmore?

We’ve had a very successful running group based in Oranmore for the past few years organising a #Zero25k group bringing people from complete beginnings to running 5k and beyond.

This group usually meets early in the year on Saturday mornings for a 1 hour session over 9 weeks and that is that.

However despite a plethora of running clubs surrounding us here in Oranmore there are still a lot of people commenting that there is a need for a social running group in Oranmore. I hasten to add that despite the fact that there are exceptional Fit4Life groups nearby in Athenry AC, Craughwell AC, Galway City Harriers and Maree AC people are looking for a group in Oranmore.

The general comment is that, similar to my post the other day on the rise of the Social Runner it is not a club people want but a casual group that meets once or twice per week and at the weekend for a longer run and one that would probably facilitate complete beginners on a #Zero25k type program.

Now I already do a #TrailTuesday run in the Autumn and winter and this will likely continue in some format over the Spring & Summer quite casually (refer you to for details) but this SORE* opportunity is a different thing altogether.

To gauge the interest level I have a mini-poll, you might share this as wide as possible so as many friends of yours in the area get a chance to reply.

It is quite likely, IF this idea is a runner (sorry!) that there will be a call for a show of hands to help organise and lead out runs, so don’t be shy about volunteering someone. At the very least we will be able to set up a meeting point and drop spot at the shop for gear and a drinks station for afterwards.

Have your say, post a comment below. I would also appreciate comments from any of the club members as to what their thoughts are too.


*SORE = Social Oranmore Running Experiment 😀 😀

6 thoughts on “Fancy some social #running in Oranmore?

  1. Hi I would love a running group. I’m a beginer in Oranmore. I am very motivated but have a child so flexibility is an issue thanks.

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  2. Definitely would be up for it but not for a while yet. Loved the Jan group last year. Still trying to get strength back after achilles surgery. Keep me posted though for the future.

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  3. Small baby so time and flexibility is the issue for me. Would have trained with clubs before but don’t have time to travel to Galway city And fit in a training session these days. run alone now but miss group running.


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