Are you #running around looking for a Dublin Marathon training plan? We can help…

DCM MedalNice isn’t it? 🙂

If you would like to get one of these draped around your neck on October 26th 2015 it is not the 26.2 miles of Dublin City Marathon you need to be thinking about, it is the next 20 or so weeks of training that you need to be thinking of!

Here in Oranmore both Edel and myself will be going after a pair of these medals so our training will be kicking off very soon. If you would like to be part of the program it is quite easy. Whether it is your first marathon or your last we will be sending out regular emails with a block of training for you to follow.

Now these programs are suited for Beginners or Improvers. We are also partnering up with a coach who can offer mentored tailored programs that are more suited to Experienced marathoners who might be looking for a specific goal like Boston or London Qualifier.

There is a charge for the tailored option but that is between you and the coach. There is a fair bit of time involved but you can sort that between yourselves!

What are we bringing to the party?

Well, regardless of your level you –

  • are welcome to join our FREE program and get what you can from it
  • will have access to our Training Group discussion platform on Social Media
  • are welcome to join our FREE weekly runs from the shop in Oranmore (distance as dictated by the scheduled run for that day)
  • are welcome to attend FREE seminars in-store from different brands as they teach us about shoe selection and gear
  • can avail of special Group Deals on footwear, apparel and nutrition
  • will get fitter and have fun training with a group of like-minded individuals
  • will get tips about form, conditioning and Strength Training
  • will get a regular email with your plan and access to a wide knowledge base

We will be starting the program in a couple of weeks and it is advisable that you are in from the start. Once we have registration closed and the list of participants sorted we can start to send out emails based on your selected Training Plan Level.

Ready to join our Training Group?

You can connect to our Group Sign Up here.

5 thoughts on “Are you #running around looking for a Dublin Marathon training plan? We can help…

  1. Thanks for help yesterday with getting good running shorts. Looking forward to training plan for DCM.


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