[BEGINNERS] #AKWest Dublin Marathon Program – Weeks 0-4 or 23-19

If Dublin Marathon is the first marathon that you are aiming to tackle, you really would find it hard to pick a better event to lose your marathon cherry to. In making the decision to register for Dublin (or about to do so) you may already have heard about the atmosphere of the day, and if you haven’t you will!! 🙂

Regardless of the how or why you have come to this decision our goal here is to deliver you to the Start line in 22 weeks in good enough condition that you make it to the finish line!

In this beginners group we are not going to talk about paces, or goal times, or anything like that. Your first marathon is one to enjoy, it is also one to complete.

Not saying there are none among you that won’t have a time in mind, you will, and it is healthy to have a target, we just don’t want you obsessing about it. That is where the Improver’s Group comes into play 😉

You are welcome to dip in and out of the various groups to read what is going on, you will notice a difference in tone from one group to the next. All of the stuff, Beginner / Improver / Experienced is going to be in the Public domain (here in posts, or possibly on a forum we might use and in the news emails) so you are free to browse.

What we don’t want you to do is mix and match the workouts!! It might look ok, but the plans are independent of each other and should be approached as such.


Hopefully you are already running, you are comfortable running 5k, probably 10k and ideally have a half marathon under your belt. These help (A) with experience and (B) preparing your body for the coming months.

Our week starts on Monday, you can shift the schedule to suit your timeline, school, work, kids etc. You can run morning or night. As and when you see fit. What you won’t do (please) is shift runs around or skip rest days. Pile too much running together and you can forget about running this marathon. You will likely get injured (again different with the Experienced group who may be running 6 days). This is what I mean by read it but don’t mix & match the different plans.

So nice and easy into it!

 BEGINNERS  M  T  W  Th  F  S  S
 Week 23 2 Rest  2 2 Rest  2 4
 Week 22 3 Rest  3 3 Rest  3 6
 Week 21 3 Rest  6 3  Rest 6 6
 Week 20 6 Rest  8 6  Rest 8 8
 Week 19 6 Rest  8 8  Rest 8 10


All distance are in kilometers (km / k) at no point do we use miles or mph to designate speed, distance or pace!

‘Rest’ is ‘rest from running’ NOT sit on the sofa and eat crisps and ice-cream. Go for a swim, a nice walk, easy cycle. You should also consider flexibility exercises like pilates or yoga on these ‘Rest’ days.

These are all easy base runs for this block. Don’t worry about speed, breathing, pacing. They are steady runs to get the legs used to running. Speed work will be introduced later.

There is no group run next week as both of us will be recovering from our Adventure over the weekend and it is unlikely we will be fit to walk nevermind run! 🙂

Have a good weekend and a solid start on Monday.


Happy running!! 🙂

Edel & Sean

PS. a quick poll on what you think we should do to manage discussion. We would like for you to be able to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions as they arise along the way. We think either the Google+ Community  or a separate forum would be ideal but what do you think?:

13 thoughts on “[BEGINNERS] #AKWest Dublin Marathon Program – Weeks 0-4 or 23-19

  1. I am logged into the beginner plan but the distances are much lower than I run now. I am running a few years and have 2 halves done. I just haven’t run a marathon. Should I stick with it or go with the improvers?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Guys,

    I am in the same boat as Marian. Running a few years and have completed two halves.

    I would like to be a part of the improver group if possible?



    1. No problem Kevin.

      If both yourself and Marian click at the bottom of the email just gone out – update subscription preferences you should be able to switch over to get the Improvers Plan details.


    1. Hi Paul, short answer is yes, 22 week program starts Monday 26th. The long answer involves me not reading a calendar properly / not knowing where and when I am in time and similar type stuff 🙂

      We actually edited the programs last week to include a ‘Week 23’ to bridge the gap on timings. For the most part this will make no difference to anyone. But techically we are 23 weeks out right now, today 18th May 😀

      Thanks for reminding me!



  3. Hi Edele and sean thanks for everything, enjoyed first week. Is it still ok to do my speed training on a monday? Have been doing it for a while with a group. If so is it ok still to do kms that you have given for the monday. Thanks susan.


      1. Susan, did you get sorted?

        Check the bottom of any of the emails and you can Update Subscription Settings there.


    1. Hi guys i would like to join improvers too. I run a bit more then the beginners. Should i just start 2nd week from improvers. Thanks.


      1. Hi Susan, just update your preferences to change yourself to the improvers group emails.


  4. Sean/ Edel,

    So I am transitioning from mostly cycling to mostly running now, but I still have two big cycling events in the next few weeks. The cycles are both over 120km and are on Sundays. Ideally I also want to do at least one more cycle session per week (~50km) So I will miss the long runs on two dates, though I know this is still only a build phase, but could I cycle on a rest day or just swap out one of the back to back mid week runs instead?


    1. Hey Paul, sounds good. ‘Rest’ days are generally considered as alternative activity days. Some swim, some cycle, some run. The key thing about rest days is that they are low intensity in nature.

      By all means cycling is a great low impact activity perfect for recovery activiyt as long as you are not racing or doing hill repeats! 🙂

      I’ll copy this over to the forum for other readers to see.


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