An Epic #running Triumph!!

We had a great opportunity to try out some pairs of the new Saucony Triumph ISO and invited everyone to come along and join in the fun.


To be honest I was looking forward to this as I haven’t actually wear tested the new Triumph for a run so it was an opportunity to test out the ISO foam and find out what all the #WHOA fuss was about.

Chatting with Dermot the Saucony Tech rep he outlined the main changes in the Triumph series, highlighting the key changes being in the PowerGrid+ and Isofit components. Then we got to wear a pair.

Slipping the shoes on the first impression is that the Triumph ISO is a gorgeous shoe on the feet! I wonder will you agree with me when you try?

Essentially the most luxurious feeling comes from the sock like lining of the upper. There are no stitches, seams or anything like what you expect to be in a shoe upper, it just feels like a slipper. Under foot the sock liner is cushioned and when you stand up after lacing up….well!!! 😀

The ISOFIT cage lace locks your foot in the smooth sock upper, holding you securely to the back of the shoe.



Then your feet realise the superb cushioning underfoot which comes from the thick bed PWRGRID+ platform with a ridiculous 29mm of cushioning under your heel! Of course with only an 8mm offset this leaves 21mm of cushion under your forefoot!!

Super plush!! 🙂

From there, not more chat, with a quick GPS lock from my Polar 😉 we were off up the road.

It took a couple of km into a head wind and numerous flicks of the elbow to get the guys up from the back where they we comfortably chatting in the leeward side of the bigger lads up front (myself & Dermot).


Everyone seemed to settle into the new shoes very quickly and looked very comfortable running along. My breathing was giving away the lack of comfort and I don’t want to distract by mentioning that I’d a run in the legs already …whoops! Ah well, it’s out there now … but I’ll let on I was behind everyone as I was observing their footstrikes 😉

Personally, I found the Triumph to be exceptionally comfortable, definitely a lot, lot more cushioned than I am used to especially when running at the clip we were running at.


It’s gas, as they say, one man’s easy is another’s threshold. It was definitely threshold for me!!

For threshold I like a firmer shoe, it is likely the #Breakthru would suit me better for pacey work but the Triumph ISO would be a perfect companion for the long leisurely miles.

Definitely one to try out and I’ll be putting a pair into my Dublin Marathon rotation Here’s the #PolarFlow Relive for anyone interested.

FEATURES of the Saucony Triumph ISO


    • ISOFIT™ – A plush, ultra soft inner sleeve crafted from a malleable air mesh, contours to the wearers foot, creating a sock like feel.


  • Floating Support Cage – Cradles the midfoot; adapting to the foot’s size, shape and movement, allowing the shoe to respond to the individual runner’s gait throughout each stride.



  • lightweight Support Frame – Provides the shoe with a locked in heel fit.



  • Open Toe Box – Further enhances the plush feel, delivering superior comfort.



  • PWRGRID+ – Effectively centres the foot, absorbs impact and distributes pressure. Providing 20% more cushioning.



  • SRC impact zone – Provides durable shock absorption at impact.



  • Removed Plastic Shank – Reduces weight and allows for a smother transition from heel to toe.



  • XT-900 Carbon Rubber Outsole – Provides superb durability throughout the heel and rearfoot strikes respectively.



  • iBR+ – a supremely lightweight, yet highly durable outsole rubber that enhances the already formidable cushioning capabilities of the shoe.



  • Reflective Details – Increases visibility in low level lighting.



  • Weight – 292 g.



  • Heel Stack Height – 29mm



  • Forefoot Stack Height – 21mm



  • 8mm Offset – Allows the body to stay in a more balanced and stable position through every stride.



Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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