[BEGINNERS] – Ready for the next #DublinMarathon block of training? Weeks 5-9


So how is everyone getting on?

Hopefully you are in a nice solid habit of regular running and the past few weeks have been fun, without putting you under too much pressure?

We are busy building some extras into the various plans. What we want to do is start you thinking about realistic and potential targets or more accurately figuring out what pace to run your first marathon at.

To do this we will need your feedback over the program. Ideally the forum is the best place for discussion and chat to take place and it is where we will compile a ‘race pace’ zone for you to go with.

How are we doing this?

Well there are plenty of races on most weekend and the best way to figure these things out is under race conditions. If you are disciplined enough you may get a reasonable estimation from a hard workout but racing is best. So target races and distances are going to be placed into the schedules, let us know (on the forum) where you are located and others can help you find events to partake in.

So onwards for the next block!

 BEGINNERS  M  T  W  Th  F  S  S
 Week 18 5 Rest  6 2 Rest 8k RACE Rest or 4*
 Week 17 Rest 5  8 5 Rest  5 8
 Week 16 Rest 5 8 8  Rest 8 8
 Week 15 Rest 8  8 Rest  5 Rest 10k RACE
 Week 14 Rest 8  8 8  Rest 8 14


All distance are in kilometers (km / k) at no point do we use miles or mph to designate speed, distance or pace!

‘Rest’ is ‘rest from running’ NOT sit on the sofa and eat crisps and ice-cream. Go for a swim, a nice walk, easy cycle. You should also consider flexibility exercises like pilates or yoga on these ‘Rest’ days.

*Don’t be lazy!! 😉

These are all easy base runs for this block (apart from the races). Don’t worry about speed, breathing, pacing. They are steady runs to get the legs used to running. Speed work will be introduced later.

In the RACE you should be racing. Effort should be high and you are striving to get the best out out your running. It is not a run for the sake of a run, it should be tough. Warm up properly (happy to advise) and cool down properly. Remember your times from each race and we can use these to figure out where you are and what your potential may be in 18 weeks time!!! 🙂

Have a good weekend and a solid start into the next block on Monday.


Happy running!! 🙂

Edel & Sean


Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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