[INTERMEDIATE] #DublinMarathon running program – Weeks 5-9


Ready to go again?

Hopefully the first block tied in with your current running and all that has happened is a little bit of structure and routine has been applied to your weeks.

We’re going to introduce a little bit of speed work at this stage to see where you are at. This is being developed a little bit more in the Experienced plan but to outline –

FAST here is what you are thinking your Marathon Pace (MP) is likely to be. By running a few sessions at this stage you will quickly learn how realistic your anticipated goals are. Run the MP as a block so for example the first 8k on Wednesday should be warmup 2 k, next 1k at steady pace, 4k at MP, 1k cooldown.

Try and take a split or lap time for your MP sections so you can gauge the MP. It should feel like an effort but you should also bear in mind, this will be a pace you hope to hold in 18 weeks time for 42.2k 🙂

We really could do with your feedback on the forum on this so that you can adjust properly.

 Week 18 Rest 6  8 (4k at MP) 6 Rest  6 12 (5k at MP)
 Week 17 Rest 10 10 6 Rest 6 16
 Week 16 Rest 6  10 (5k at MP) 6  Rest 10 20
 Week 15 Rest 10  10 (Hilly) 6  Rest 6 24
 Week 14 10 Rest 10 (x4 1k repeats at 5k pace) 10  Rest 6 28


All distance are in kilometers (km / k) at no point do we use miles or mph to designate speed, distance or pace!

All runs must start with 10mins / 2k of easy running to warm up and loosen out. Think about your form, relaxing the shoulders etc before getting into the main body of the run.

Control your running so you are not running Threshold all the time. Think “base weeks”. Plenty of time for fast running!!

‘Rest’ is ‘rest from running’ NOT sit on the sofa and eat crisps and ice-cream. Go for a swim, a nice walk, easy cycle. You should also consider flexibility exercises like pilates or yoga on these ‘Rest’ days.

These are starting to introduce pace work. Also coming in is hilly work to build strength. Hills should be something you are being challenged on, but not having to climb! If you can find a hill or drag that takes a few minutes to run up like the hill at Renville Park make it a favourite and mark it for future reference.

Any questions please feel free to fire them at us.

Happy running!! 🙂

Edel & Sean


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