[IMPROVERS] #AskAKW Marathon Plan – The Final Countdown

Edit: Sorry had drafted this and hit the ‘Save’ rather than ‘Publish’ button.

“You are almost there!”

“”Just around the corner”

Phrases you gotta get used to hearing! đŸ™‚ In 4 weeks it is all you will be hearing as you float around the 26.2 miles of Dublin Marathon.

For now we want to get you through the next 2 weeks before settling in with some tapering workouts and advice. The next few sessions are all about honing and focussing on your marathon pace (Mpace) so your body knows just what to do on the day.

Here we go:

This week 28th September-

Monday – REST

Tuesday – 10k steady

Wednesday – 16k with 5k at Mpace

Thursday – 10mins easy, 20mins @10k pace, 10 mins easy (8k)

Friday & Saturday – REST or easy, easy 5k / 30mins trot to loosen legs

Sunday – 34k with km 20-32 at Mpace

Sunday is particularly tough but you will finish this feeling good. Trust me.

Next week 5th October

Monday – 5k / 30mins easy loosener

Tuesday – 10k steady

Wednesday – 14k with 5k at Mpace

Thursday – 10mins easy, 30mins @10k pace, 10 mins easy (10k)

Friday – REST

Saturday – easy, easy 8k / 40mins trot to loosen legs

Sunday – 32k with km 20-30 at Mpace

These two Sunday runs are very important!

Time these as if they were race day. If you are travelling to the race start on 28th October, treat these Sunday’s as your dry runs. If you need to get up for breakfast on 28th at 6am, do it on these Sunday’s too. Figure out how much breakfast you can handle, do you need more gels to allow for ‘waiting around’ time? Start your run at the same time as your wave start for Dublin Marathon.

Any questions, pop them into the comments or #AskAKW on Twitter đŸ™‚

Good luck!

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