#RunEveryDay with Ronhill and #AKWest

Decades ago, not content at being the fastest man in the world over 26.2 miles, Ron Hill set out to run every day. On December 20th 2014 he clocked-up fifty years. That’s fifty years of running every day – no matter what. He now holds the world record.

You know each year we do a December #RunStreak, Ron Hill has been doing his own runstreak everyday for the last 50 years!! This is your chance to join in with him and earn a few goodies too 🙂

#RunEveryDay is about people’s passion for running, that every day we love to go out, unwind and keep fit & active. Everyone one of you has your own goals and abilities and whether this be to run once or twice a week, train for a race, run every weekday or all year, its together our shared interest & experiences in the sport that inspires.

As always it is really important when running to listen to your own body. Only you can tell you when to go for a slow, shorter run or have a rest day. While runstreaks are great fun and a big social thing, there is nothing to gain by forcing a run but everything to lose if you get injured or fatigued.

Tomorrow is another day, start afresh!

Remember to tag your workouts, pics etc with #runeveryday and #gothewholeway so that we can pick up on them and share.






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