Preparing for Autumn #Zero25k (Zero to 5k)

This is it, the introductory post to let you know what is happening. In case you were uncertain, we are starting this Saturday 10th October at 8am. A reminder will be sent out to you via Eventbrite.

Registration is still open so please share!

Eventbrite - 8week #Zero25k Running Program
If you are following ‘virtually’ you can start whenever suits you but you may benefit by being in sync with the group especially if you are participating in the group discussion forums*. (There are two, one on Facebook Group & another on Google+ Community )

*Forums/ Groups are private, invitation only to respect others starting out. Please, do not hesitate to ask any question, we are all learning through this process.

First up to clarify a point which keeps popping up, #Zero25k is FREE. There is no cost to you. Nix, nada, nothing. We are simply offering a mentored program to bring people to the world of running. Explaining the why and the what of running.

It is a 9 week program and you will be ‘handheld’ through the whole program so you can become the runner you don’t want to admit you are!!

Just to highlight the program is voluntary, we don’t expect you to be fit but like all health programs you should be cleared by your Doctor if there is any doubt at all about your well-being. You will be signing a disclaimer weekly, so if in doubt, get checked out.


You do not need to buy anything to start this course. You can start with whatever runners you have lying around at home. I can help in the future if necessary and if you are thinking about shoes I am here to help with selection (that’s my job!) 🙂

A couple of items, mostly to do with safety:
(If you are a virtual attendee, take what applies to you from this)

We are going to meet at the Amphibian King shop in Oranmore ready to go at 8am on Saturday morning 10th October to start everyone on a simple 9 week plan.

  • You are going to be running on roads. While you are in a group it is important that you are visible. If you have a high-vis vest or jacket  please bring this with you. We have some available for anyone who is stuck but possibly not enough for everyone.
  • Be prepared for the weather. It is likely to be frosty / wet / sunny / overcast on any given Saturday so wear layered clothing to suit. You will be getting warmed up by the exercise so avoid thick layers.
  • Hat & gloves are a good idea, nobody likes cold hands.
  • Appropriate footwear. Not suggesting that you need to buy runners, but shoes, boots or wellies will not work for running!! (One or two people have asked me to watch their gait to help pick shoes, I can do this just mention it to me)
  • Under no circumstances ipods, Diskman, Walkman, ghetto blasters or any other music device with earplugs. Phones may be used for GPS tracking (I particularly like Polar Beat for anyone starting out) but you may not be plugged in. You need to hear instructions and safety warnings.
  • Unless you are struck down we expect to see you. Running in hail, rain, snow, sleet, sun all make for good running character so don’t let yourself down. Turn up, dressed for the occasion. If work gets in the way let me know.

Each week we will build steadily until in week 9 we are running 5k without a break.

Saturday is the mentored session, you will have homework to do during the week (more to follow about this). If you skip the homework, you won’t get away with copying your friends, you must do it yourself to progress.

We are here to help you on this journey (and I don’t bite, honestly!!) so never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial you may think they are.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday & on the weeks that follow!!

Yours in running,



3 thoughts on “Preparing for Autumn #Zero25k (Zero to 5k)

  1. I am 58yrs and 12st and not a runner only a walker but would love to be. Would I be too old ? I am always on the go. Like swimming but have slipped back with all exercise.. minding my grand daughter. Sat morning cud work for me time wise. What time do you finish Sat?

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