Week 1 of #Zero25k underway

Bit of a panic this morning as I scrambled for keys and arrived at the shop to find a ready and willing group of runner eagerly waiting for me to start their Zero to 5 k journey.

It was as I opened the shop I discovered I’d left my bag with running gear at home! So another scramble to find a T-shirt and shorts in my jumbled pile of ‘spare’ gear.

Nevermind anyone else my heart rate was sky high and we hadn’t started yet!!

A few quick words from me about what we are doing (best to say little and avoid scaring people off! 😉 ) and out the door we went. John was great he remembered that I always forget to get a group photo before we start so insisted I get in the frame for this one.

We started with a brisk walk to get the blood moving and the muscles loosened up in preparation for what was to come which is a series of intervals of effort.

The workout session is straightforward enough:

  1. Warmup 5 mins brisk walk
  2. Running x1 minute
  3. Recovery (brisk walking) x90seconds
  4. Cooldown 5 mins brisk walk

You repeat section 2 & 3 over and over 8 times meaning you are out for a total of 30mins.

Now to reiterate the one thing I mentioned when out (well two things)

  • One is effort, this should be easy in recovery and high in the running phase. Using breathing as a guide, you were able to chat away during the recovery yet the group went strangely quiet during the efforts 🙂
  • Two is time. We are running for time, not distance. I have no issue tracking the distance but the focus is on the time element.


Well today we ran for 30 mins and covered 3.18km so rather than pushing to increase this to 3.5k or 4k over the next few runs the best thing is run for the 30mins and see what ground you cover.

Reverse the thinking and the distance becomes a reward rather than a goal.

pablo (36)

Hopefully some of you will use the Facebook group or Google+ community (links in previous emails) to join up to do the homework which is quite simple for Week 1 – you repeat the above workout on Tuesday and Thursday (ideally) but what I really want you to do is MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!

I’ve written that in bold and capitals to stress something which I am hearing far too much.

You do not ‘have’ to run you are ‘getting’ to run and if you don’t enjoy is as something you get to do it will become a chore. And we all know with chores how easy they are to leave for another day, I don’t want this to happen.

As always don’t be shy, any questions pop me a message on the comments or groups or twitter or facebook or…wherever  🙂

Training File from this morning here.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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