Week 2 #Zero2k5 – see how easy that was?!

Now that you are started and have 1 week or 3 sessions or 1:30 of running under your belt, no matter how you look at it you are now a runner! 🙂

We were down a few on Saturday morning mostly due to a certain 1D concert taking place but I’ve been promised that it will be made back up to us, so don’t fret, we’re not bumping people off or anything like that!

I mentioned that there is a difference between doing the sessions as a group and by yourself. They will always feel easier when taking part of a group but don’t get lulled into group running all the time as you can then get caught up when someone else can’t make it out.

You are running for you. Nobody else!

So we started with the warmup as normal except this time the idea was not to do any walking if at all possible. Our warmup and recovery was to be a really slow jog. Nope, slower event than that! If would in fact be slower than walking pace, almost jogging on the spot slow (with a little forwards movement).

The reason being that psychologically speaking if you get in the habit of running with walking being a cop out when the going is tough, as Chicago said – that is a hard habit to break! 🙂

The homework is going to be the same format this week. The workout below, repeated twice. Ideally Tuesday & Thursday:

  1. Warmup 5 mins brisk walk
  2. Running x90 seconds
  3. Recovery (slow jogging / brisk walking) x2 minutes
  4. Cooldown 5 mins brisk walk

You repeat section 2 & 3 over and over 6 times meaning you are out for a total of 30mins. We did throw in an extra 1 minute ‘on’ for the divilment on Saturday.

Try this if you want. No harm working on a little leg speed every now and then.

One of the things I mentioned when we were stretching afterwards is the importance of the ‘time’ element. We are running with a focus on time.

If you are finding the phases a little easy (maybe you are fitter than you think or are repeating the program from previously) don’t be tempted to run for longer, instead run faster in the program allotted time.

Ultimately you will appreciate running your 5k faster than running it sooner.

Good luck this week, don’t be shy about letting others know what you are doing and invite friends along. No need to register, let them know to follow the blog.

One last note, John is not likely to be out next Saturday but if he is don’t forget to wish him well for Dublin Marathon on Monday. He started out where you are now.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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