Were you inspired on Monday to run a marathon?

How about joining our 2016 Dublin Marathon team?

Sometimes you see someone or something and a switch in your brain just clicks over and you think “Can I do that?”

Light bulb

The answer inevitably is always a resounding “YES!!” but most of us doubt our ability to achieve the Yes. So we need a little push, a little helping hand and guidance along the way until our self confidence kicks in and takes over – this belief is what allows us to achieve that YES!

Edel & I were down in Dublin at the weekend not to take part in Dublin Marathon, but to be there in support of our many friends and customers that were taking part. We hung around the dreaded Roebuck Hill area and drifted (on our bikes) up and down Foster’s Avenue and up and down Clonskeagh to Milltown, shouting, cheering, clapping, whistling and ringing cowbells!!

It’s only when you see others going through the Stages of Marathon Running that you remember yourself how difficult it can get but also you remember the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that you achieve from crossing that finishing line.

Knowing what each and everyone of you went through to get to that finish line – it’s not just the 26.2 miles it is the 100’s of training miles that went before – and the emotions that were waiting for you has inspired us too, so thank you! 🙂

What’s next? We’d love to encourage more people to discover their ability to achieve. To find their YES!

Similar to the idea launched by our counterparts in the Dublin stores we are looking for 6 Marathon newbies who will be inspired to take on the challenge that is the Dublin Marathon in 2016.

We will be running a program for 2016 where we will track successful applicants as they document their trials and tribulations whilst training for their first marathon in 2016. We are looking for people who are currently writing blogs or at least have a good social media presence, as our followers on Facebook will be interested to follow their weekly updates. 

What are we offering?

  • similar to the 210 people who trained for Dublin with us this year you will get your own personalised marathon training plan
  • we will get you free entry to a series of races over the summer (as part of your plan)
  • we will also be supplying you with free running gear (a budget of €500 of gear including proper fitting footwear) over the course of the year
  • your own running singlet’s so you’ll be easily identified in the races.
  • access to our coaches
  • a Dublin Marathon medal at the end of the process

DM medals1

What are we asking?

  • That you commit to training (& enter Dublin Marathon!!)
  • That you commit to regular blogging and updates that we can share on Social media
  • That you are West of Ireland based (you may be required to do some media work during the course of the year but this will fit around your work/life)

It is going to require a big commitment but that is what marathoning is all about! If you are interested in taking part please contact us with a brief outline about why you think you’d make a good ambassador for us.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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