[CLEAROUT] Polar Heart Rate – #DealoftheCentury

At this stage everyone knows how good Polar Heart Rate Monitors are. Only last week I was comparing notes with a guy about the Polar RS300x which had a beast of a GPS pod you wear on your arm:

Polar G1 GPS – A beast of a pod!

This was oldschool (less than 8 years ago!) technology but that is what we had to do to get tracking, pace and speed information. No fancy share to Facebook or Strava back then either (weren’t around 😉 )

Now we know how advanced everything is today, like…

Current cutting edge Polar M400
Current cutting edge Polar M400

What it means is while the older units are still brilliant in their own way, they are sadly out dated and left forgotten on the shelf.

That’s why we have the following to clear at simply rock bottom prices:

x3 Polar RCX3 was €179.50 NOW Watch Only €50

x2 Black & Orange

x1 White


Training features
· Automatic lap recording
· Graphical target zone indicator
· Number of laps ? 99
· Sport Profiles (three fixed sport profiles)
· ZoneLock
· ZonePointer

– See more at: Polar RCX3

x1 Polar RC3 GPS Was €304.50 NOW Watch Only €90


Tracks your route, speed and distance using built-in GPS• Integrated GPS features: back to start, distance (training, lap and total), route mapping with polarpersonaltrainer.com web service• Slim and lightweight design with rechargeable battery- See more at: Polar RC3 GPS

x1 Polar FT4 Was €90 NOW Watch & HRM Only €40

Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
Displays calories burned
Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk

– See more at: Polar FT4

x2 Polar RS400 Was €315 NOW Watch Only €40

Polar RS400 - choice of many referees
Polar RS400 – choice of many referees

For active endurance athletes. When it comes to your training, it’s all about the detail. Like being able to personalize every aspect of your workout. The Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor meets all these elements head on by helping you plan, monitor and analyze each training session. – See more at: Polar RS400

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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