Are you getting ready for the #SanityClause?

Same system as we have done for the past few years, who fancies pledging to a ‪#‎runstreak‬ for the month of December?

Simply make a promise to yourself to run (or walk) a minimum of 30 mins (or more) per day from 1st December until the 31st December.

You will feel great, look great and enjoy your Christmas dinner all the more!

So many of us are so, so busy and always find the time to make excuses for not putting ourselves first. All this challenge is about is finding time for you. Just 30 mins a day (ideally running or walking) but even just fulfilling a month of 30mins contemplation or meditation per day will make a powerful difference to yourself.

It is not as easy as it seems. In the 3 years that I’ve organised this very, very few people have actually made it all the way to the end.

All are welcome to take part.

Simply register though Eventbrite and you will get an email with the next step giving you access to the records form.

Join us in the Amphibian King Runners group for support and discussion and keep an eye on oursocial media streams on Twitter & Instagram for more fun and motivation

Look forward to hearing your stories and don’t forget the Christmas Day #SanityClause!! 🙂

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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