What does “Charity Partner” mean ??

It looks like the spectre of “Charity Events” is raising its head again with races being promoted as having ‘Charity Partners’.

As I said in this original post there is no issue with events being commercial and making money but when it is not explicitly stated that: “none of your entry fee goes to our charity partner” I wonder why events are allowed use the ‘Charity Partner’ angle.

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “What does “Charity Partner” mean ??

  1. Yep, this does bother me as often the charity name(s) is shoved to the forefront, giving the impression that all/substantial amount of your entry fee is going to go the charity when often, this is not the case. I can’t help but feel duped. I don’t mind that there are costs involved in organising a race etc & would have no issue with paying over money to enter a race but as you say, this should just really be made clear.

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  2. It does irritate me sometimes when a race organiser make a claim of having raised so much money for charity when they have contributed not a penny and kept all the entry fees. To make it even worse I did hear that in some cases the charity also has to pay the race organiser in order to become their nominated charity. The truth is with runners who enter laots of races they will not be getting sponsorship for each as they will run out of friends very quickly so they are just left with an inflated price šŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve fallen foul of this before also. Case in point is The Movember Run – very expensive 10k with a paltry percentage going to cancer research.

    We signed up because it is a cause close to us and fell close to a family members anniversary who died from prostate cancer. I discovered, on reading the small print just before the day of the event, that very little (10 per cent I think) went to the charity. So sorry that I didn’t make a donation instead and felt like a fool.

    Needless to say, I no longer jump into a “charity” event before I see the percentage being handed over. Fool me twice…..

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  4. Interesting summary here http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=98970337&postcount=15

    “And on the topic of money… from looking at the photos from today’s ” Lust For Cash” event at their ” Pheonix Park Run ” the highest number I saw was in the 6,600’s …so lets do a little math …6600 -5% ( you have to give away some places ) is 6270 x ā‚¬20 ( I’m using this as a median between the ā‚¬18 and the ā‚¬22 full price race entry ) is ā‚¬125,400 including the Cork airport run and the additional 3 runs they are planning thats at a guesstimate ā‚¬465,000….and NOTHING repeat nothing goes into the provision of any type of mental help service …”


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