First time for everything, we’re cancelling #Zero25k…

…for tomorrow Saturday 16th January only.

Like you would get away that easily!! 😉

This is due to the forecast of heavy frost and icy roads. I’m less worried about you when you are on your feet, it is more to do with safety getting to the group.

Instead what I am suggesting is if it suits you there is a Parkrun at 9:30am in Knocknacarra which should be going ahead and offers the facility for a group run.

If you can’t make a group session then the planned session is here for you to do in your own time:

The workout below for Saturday (the homework will be this repeated on, ideally Tuesday & Thursday next week):

  1. Warmup 5 mins brisk walk
  2. Running x90 seconds
  3. Recovery (slow jogging / brisk walking) x2 minutes
  4. Cooldown 5 mins brisk walk

You repeat section 2 & 3 over and over 6 times meaning you are out for a total of 30mins.

Regarding running on roads and paths you may have seen my advice during the week on various posts – do not use ice grips in the current economic climate as the ice or snow is not thick enough to afford you grip. Using ice grips or cleats or trail runners on roads is more dangerous as you will put your trust in the footwear and it will let you down.

You need compacted snow of several inches or proper sheet ice for these methods to work. The best advice I can give you and what I will be doing myself is go off-road. Into the park, woods or trails with you. Check for more information.

Far safer!

If this weather continues we will look for another location to carry out the sessions – possibly Renville Park.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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