Times makin’ changes…

As they say time waits for no man (or woman) and that the onwards march of time is relentless.

There’s a great line in a song by Tesla that always stuck in my head from when I first heard it many, many years ago:

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Rearrangin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time

Many life gurus will advice that no matter what you do, every decision you make should move you forwards in pursuit of your goals.

Well, just like time moving onwards so is it also true with our business.

Edel and I brought the Amphibian King brand westwards with us in 2010 and it has been good to us (and hopefully us to it!!)

After 5 busy years growing and developing with the brand it is now our time.

In an entirely amicable way we are going  to go our own way, to follow our own pathways and forge our own routes through life.

Very soon we will be renaming our store in Oranmore, launching our website with Click & Collect shopping and a whole range of new and exciting interactive ways for you to communicate with us so we can support you in all that you are training for.

Stay tuned for more details. Exciting times ahead for all of us!!!

PS: here is that Tesla song (30 years old!!)

2 thoughts on “Times makin’ changes…

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of this. If you need any help with anything you know where I am. Obviously it’ll be technical help or publicity/promotion etc. It’s not like I can help with the running ha!

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