The Time to Train? 

“..if you want to train, the time is there, you just need to plan properly and have good time management skills.”

Source: The Time to Train? | Ascent Sports Coaching

Came across this good article this morning about training and dealing with available time to maximise your return from the investment that is training.

Time is something that is a premium in our house, apart from sleep that is! With both of us training with mixed goals of Paris Marathon, Challenge Galway other triathlons and adventure racing all in the mix we are a bit jumbled up and time pressed.

While I don’t mind pulling on a headlamp and getting on the roads at 10pm or into the hills on the mountain bike when the sun is sleeping at 5am (this frees the daylight time demands for Edel to maximise) there are other impacts these early and late sessions have on the body.

A late finish can throw off evening family meal times as you are on a different schedule. Or it can mean being wide awake in the early hours of the morning staring at the ceiling.

Early starts are great as long as you don’t wake anyone else in the house up!! You can be sure of a mid-afternoon slump though if you have a lunch-break you might grab a nap. They also impact with early to bed which otherwise can be relationship time.

Ultimately it all comes down to discussion, about what you want, how much time you need and what is available from the collective family pot.

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