About RunningMatters

I balance my love of running and outdoor activity with my career of project management. Each enhances the other making me better at the other.

I came back to triathlon in my mid 30’s after a few years playing other team sport and without ever having had a real interest in swimming, cycling or running as individual sports.

Having raced my first triathlon back in the 80’s in Greenvale Leisure Centre, Magherafelt when I was a young teenager (the event was sponsored by Weetabix & I have a finishers trophy somewhere) which was inspired by the growing awe worldwide for the efforts of the early Ironmen & women. All familiar names to me now in an age of instant internet communications but back then such stars were superhuman-people that we could only ever dream of aspiring to.

Now in my 40’s I love my sport and participate regularly through the racing season. I try to train / exercise year round so I can enjoy some of life’s little pleasures like a good wine, cake and chocolate from time to time.

My wife and I have shared love for triathlon (we met through triathlon as members of Wicklow Triathlon Club) and we hope to bring our kids up to appreciate having their health and their ability to enjoy sport at all levels.

For the past number of years our time has been taken up with running our running specialist business based in Oranmore, Co. Galway. In 2016 I took a step back from that business to develop further in my career as a project manager, a journey that has led me to living in the USA.

It is still a family business, run by Edel and we (and our kids!!) are ever grateful of your continued custom & support

We are some of the truly lucky people who get to enjoy working where our passions lie.

Like it or leave it, please let me know what your views are.

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