‘Tis the season for giving, so we got your back…

While we have a cracking Bonus offer on Gift Vouchers for Christmas, sometimes vouchers just don’t cut the pudding and you need to give the gift of shoes (or apparel) but don’t know which ones!

Let us help.

We have a great fit & function policy in our store which covers you based on our recommendations. During Christmas we extend this so your back is covered when buying gifts.

How it works… you’ve done as much homework as possible, have the brand, have the size but are not quite sure of the model of runner… (if by chance we don’t have the record in store) what we do is give you the nearest thing we can think of and you have the ‘protection’ of bringing the shoes and the person back to us in the New Year for a complete fitting.

Simply bring the shoes, in the box with the packing back in January and we’ll look after it from there. (There is no problem wearing them around the house but we’d prefer you come back so we can be 100% sure that the shoes are the right fit for you). We’ll do the full measuring and fitting and if necessary swap out the shoes for you.


BTW our gift vouchers don’t expire or have silly T & C’s attached. No fees, no maintenance. Simple!


Week 6 #Zero25k – We’re into the heart of it now!

Well, Week 6!! Who’d a thunk it? 🙂

The conditions weren’t as bad as I feared and we still have the core group of die-hards meeting up on Saturday morning. A couple of new accomplishments happened today one of which caught me by surprise.

A similar feeling to what it must be like as children grow up and leave occurred as I was locking onto GPS. I looked down, and when I looked up a few seconds later the group was gone. On it’s own, off trotting up the road on the warm up leg!

A poignant moment as I considered was I truly needed? Would ye miss me if I stayed in the warmth? 🙂

Catching up with the group we were notching it back a little today:

  1. Warmup – 05:00
  2. Run – 05:00
  3. Recover – 02:30
  4. Run – 08:00
  5. Recover 02:30
  6. Run – 05:00
  7. Run Fartlek – 02:30
  8. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

Again it changes for the week:


  1. Warmup – 05:00
  2. Run – 10:00
  3. Recover 02:30
  4. Run 10:00
  5. Recover 02:30
  6. Run Fartlek 02:30
  7. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

And on Thursday:

  1. Warmup – 05:00
  2. Run – 20:00
  3. Recover 02:30
  4. Run Fartlek 02:30
  5. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

You lot are making this look easy!!

Keep going exactly as you are and just an FYI on Saturday you SMASHED through 5k in the time we were out.

As I said in the stretch session, this Saturday we will be shortening the time to focus a little on going faster for a block. It will be different from any of the apps, but yo lot are well ready for this!!

Are you getting ready for the #SanityClause?

Same system as we have done for the past few years, who fancies pledging to a ‪#‎runstreak‬ for the month of December?

Simply make a promise to yourself to run (or walk) a minimum of 30 mins (or more) per day from 1st December until the 31st December.

You will feel great, look great and enjoy your Christmas dinner all the more!

So many of us are so, so busy and always find the time to make excuses for not putting ourselves first. All this challenge is about is finding time for you. Just 30 mins a day (ideally running or walking) but even just fulfilling a month of 30mins contemplation or meditation per day will make a powerful difference to yourself.

It is not as easy as it seems. In the 3 years that I’ve organised this very, very few people have actually made it all the way to the end.

All are welcome to take part.

Simply register though Eventbrite and you will get an email with the next step giving you access to the records form.

Join us in the Amphibian King Runners group for support and discussion and keep an eye on oursocial media streams on Twitter & Instagram for more fun and motivation

Look forward to hearing your stories and don’t forget the Christmas Day #SanityClause!! 🙂

Week 5 #Zero25k – its getting gusty out there!!

I was running a wee bit late due to my son looking for cuddles. As it turns out he had a tummy bug coming on and was very sick on Sunday night. It seems to have passed though thankfully.

So under a bit of pressure as I know everyone has things to do. I made some changes on the fly.

We are getting to the meaty bit of the program and time to switch things around a bit. What we are doing now is reducing the recovery time between longer periods of running. We are controlling pacing so that you are able to sustain a higher level of effort for longer, finishing each section strong with a higher Perceived Rate of Exertion.
Garmin Connect file
On Saturday we did:

  1. Warmup – 03:00
  2. Run – 05:00
  3. Recover – 02:30
  4. Run – 05:00
  5. Recover – 02:30
  6. Run 05:00
  7. Recover – 02:30
  8. Run Fartlek – 02:30
  9. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

Now for anyone who is using an app you should be noticing by now that we are not following an app. I am adjusting a general blueprint to suit what I am observing in the group.

So on Tuesday you need to do the following:

  1. Warmup – 05:00
  2. Run – 08:00
  3. Recover 02:30
  4. Run 08:00
  5. Recover 02:30
  6. Run Fartlek 02:30
  7. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

Likewise on Thursday it changes again:

  1. Warmup – 05:00
  2. Run – 10:00
  3. Recover 03:00
  4. Run 10:00
  5. Recover 02:30
  6. Run Fartlek 02:30
  7. Cool down & Stretch 05:00

Please remember that Fartlek is mixed speeds;  from jog to 75% back to jog, up to 50%, up to 75% maybe all out sprint for 10 secs. Mix is up and the 02:30 will fly by. Don’t cheat on it, the speedwork on tired legs will do you the power of good both physically and mentally!!

Be very aware of the winds and weather warnings!!

[CLEAROUT] Polar Heart Rate – #DealoftheCentury

At this stage everyone knows how good Polar Heart Rate Monitors are. Only last week I was comparing notes with a guy about the Polar RS300x which had a beast of a GPS pod you wear on your arm:

Polar G1 GPS – A beast of a pod!

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Week 4 – #Zero25k Halloween Fartlek on the Coast Road

Nothing to be afraid of it’s just your Halloween #Zero25k workout 😉

Stop! It’s not what you think it is!! 😀

Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training.[1] Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long distance run. Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.”

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Week 3 #Zero25k – I know, I should have had this done ages ago!

Catching up with myself

Filling in the blanks a little bit.

I missed getting this post out last week. What with between trav……STOP with the excuses!! No excuse for not finding 10mins to post this…my bad, I’m sorry 😦

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Were you inspired on Monday to run a marathon?

How about joining our 2016 Dublin Marathon team?

Sometimes you see someone or something and a switch in your brain just clicks over and you think “Can I do that?”

Light bulb

The answer inevitably is always a resounding “YES!!” but most of us doubt our ability to achieve the Yes. So we need a little push, a little helping hand and guidance along the way until our self confidence kicks in and takes over – this belief is what allows us to achieve that YES!

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Week 2 #Zero2k5 – see how easy that was?!

Now that you are started and have 1 week or 3 sessions or 1:30 of running under your belt, no matter how you look at it you are now a runner! 🙂

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Making a bags of commuting when #running…

What bag do you recommend for runners that intend commuting to and from work / college / school / training?

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